Managing Weight Loss- Jenny’s Method: #3 PORTION CONTROL IS KEY

If you ask my mom- she actually says that this is tip number 1.  I, personally, rank it a little further down the list (and you’ll see why over the next couple weeks). There are extremes with portion control and lots of people think that you can only eat a tiny amount to lose weight. […]

Nine Years Old- The Beginning of My Weight Struggle

Over the last few weeks, I’ve struggled with myself, done some deep soul searching and decided to share the FULL story (or at least what I remember) that got me to where I am now.  This is not going to be light, fluffy stuff- but these parts of your life rarely are.  All I ask, […]

Week 7: Sickness and Fitness; Summary

Sickness and Fitness Last week was not a fun week, I spent most of last weekend sequestered on the couch, unable to move around and do much of anything.  I thought by Monday that I was better, but I was wrong.  When I tried to work out on Tuesday, it just made things worse.  Essentially, […]

Week 5: The Principle of the Cheat Day and Summary

The Principle of the Cheat Day In any drastic food change of life plan- I think it is a good idea to build in a cheat day.  At the very least, have the opportunity to eat a bad meal if I wish.  So, I allow myself two bad meals a week.  They can be from […]

Week 4: Hitting a Plateau and Summary

Plateau This week I hit the wall that every person who is trying to lose weight eventually has to face, I plateaued.  While my weight stayed the same this week, I tried to focus more on rebuilding my cardio regime.  I know that I have been slacking in this department lately and am slowly trying […]

Week 3: Owwwwwww and Summary

Ouch So the last week has been one of those weeks where by Tuesday I just wanted to survive until Wednesday and by the end of Wednesday I wanted a fastforward button to the weekend.  Here is a recap of how my week went- on Monday, I tweaked my left hamstring and have been babying […]