Why Do Self Help Books Always Talk About Food?

I am about five ‘self help’ books in and every single one of them has talked about nutrition. Every. Single. One. There seems to be a good reason for it, but it is also one of those bitter pills that I really hate to swallow. (And considering that I loathe taking pills-you can imagine how […]

Step Into My Closet: The Importance of Pretty Clothes

In a career where my clothes are chosen for me, I had forgotten just how important it can be for a girl to feel pretty, to feel human.  On the rare occasions that I get to wear normal clothes, I generally try to be much girlier than I ever would have been six years ago.  […]

Facing Yourself

Facing Yourself             Often times it is tough to face things in life, but for some people the hardest thing to face is the person they see in the mirror every day.  These are people who face other trials and tribulations of life with ease and they often quake when forced to look at the […]

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve been working on dating a lot lately.  Working on myself and getting myself to understand some things about myself that could be issues.  Right now though, I am at a complete and utter standstill.  Maybe I’m not at a standstill, but I feel like that is where I am when it comes to dating. […]

Content In the Here and Now

It is difficult sometimes to just be content with what you have.  As humans we seem to always want more- more out of ourselves, our friends and our families.  I am not saying that we should not get the best out of the people that are around us or ourselves- what I am trying to […]

Awkwardness Averted…At Least For Today

Today I made a big step for myself, I stamped down my awkwardness and told it that it was not allowed to rule my day today.  After a couple of days where all I felt was awkward in my own skin, it was a bit of a relief to get that little voice in my […]

Ugly Duck Syndrome

I don’t know how many women I know that suffer from ugly duck syndrome in one form or another.  It is sad that most women don’t think themselves pretty enough or good enough.  I know that there are definitely days when I feel this way and I try to remind myself that I am worth […]