Why Do Self Help Books Always Talk About Food?

I am about five ‘self help’ books in and every single one of them has talked about nutrition. Every. Single. One. There seems to be a good reason for it, but it is also one of those bitter pills that I really hate to swallow. (And considering that I loathe taking pills-you can imagine how […]

Week 1: Kick My Booty Binder, Summary and More

The Kick My Booty Binder Crafting to Lose Weight I love doing crafts and while my home may not necessarily show this love, when it comes to things like weight loss, I need colorful and inspirational things to help me along.  Hence the ‘Kick My Booty Binder’ was born.  In this binder, I have several […]

Inquisitiveness Is a Turn On

Have you ever met a person that seems to perpetually have a question mark over their head?  Someone who always has a good question?  I fall into this category of people, the category where I always have some sort of question to ask and I usually can stop myself  from asking questions that are completely […]

Step Into My Closet: The Importance of Pretty Clothes

In a career where my clothes are chosen for me, I had forgotten just how important it can be for a girl to feel pretty, to feel human.  On the rare occasions that I get to wear normal clothes, I generally try to be much girlier than I ever would have been six years ago.  […]