Save Me From the ‘Hey Pretty Ladies’ of Online Dating

Hey pretty lady. Hey cutie. Hey sweetie. Hey beautiful. Come on men!  There has to be a better way to start a conversation with a woman. My general experience with just saying ‘hey’ or something near this equivalent is not actually starting a conversation.  Usually, I find that it gets ignored.  Want to know what […]

Week 3: Owwwwwww and Summary

Ouch So the last week has been one of those weeks where by Tuesday I just wanted to survive until Wednesday and by the end of Wednesday I wanted a fastforward button to the weekend.  Here is a recap of how my week went- on Monday, I tweaked my left hamstring and have been babying […]

Week 2: Dreaded Mock PT Test, Getting More Protein and Summary

Dreaded Mock PT Test This was most definitely a FUN week.  I got to do one of the things that I truly hate in the military- a PT Test.  It would be one thing if these tests actually measured how physically fit I need to do my job and such, but they don’t really, at […]

Quitting E-Harmony

I’ve talked a bit about my e-harmony experience on here, but over the last few months I feel that I was just in a figurative stalemate with the site.  I would find someone who seemed good, talk to them for a bit and then…nothing.  Everything would just drop off and I would sit around wondering […]

Facing Yourself

Facing Yourself             Often times it is tough to face things in life, but for some people the hardest thing to face is the person they see in the mirror every day.  These are people who face other trials and tribulations of life with ease and they often quake when forced to look at the […]