Quitting E-Harmony

I’ve talked a bit about my e-harmony experience on here, but over the last few months I feel that I was just in a figurative stalemate with the site.  I would find someone who seemed good, talk to them for a bit and then…nothing.  Everything would just drop off and I would sit around wondering […]

Just Keep Swimming

I’ve been working on dating a lot lately.  Working on myself and getting myself to understand some things about myself that could be issues.  Right now though, I am at a complete and utter standstill.  Maybe I’m not at a standstill, but I feel like that is where I am when it comes to dating. […]

Posting Sabbatical; With a Shot Dating Wisdom

For those of you that read my posts on a regular basis, you probably have noticed my little sabbatical from blogging and it was something I needed.  I needed to refocus and take a look at the whole dating thing again.  I’ve done a lot of ranting about how boys act and how that has effected me.  For the […]

The Up Front Approach

The title pretty much says it all,but I will further explain the up front approach and why I think dating might be a lot easier if more people were to use it.  In short- this approach is simple- you let the person know what you want from the beginning.  Now- if you want a marriage […]

I’m a Dating Master (i.e.- Pretending to Know a Lot About Dating, While Knowing a Little)

This is going to be a tough one to talk about, while I am decent at giving dating advice- I am absolutely horrible at following my own advice.  I can also admit that I still have a lot to learn about dating and as I was talking to my mom the other night, I said […]

Am I Undateable?

I am at the point in the dating journey where the above question has started popping into my head more and more. Every time that I decide to give dating a try- this question becomes my worst enemy.  I start wondering if anyone that I am actually interested in can actually be interested in me.  […]