Why Do Self Help Books Always Talk About Food?

I am about five ‘self help’ books in and every single one of them has talked about nutrition. Every. Single. One. There seems to be a good reason for it, but it is also one of those bitter pills that I really hate to swallow. (And considering that I loathe taking pills-you can imagine how that analogy sits with me.)

The point that every author is driving home is that taking care of your body is an essential part of taking care of your spirit as well. It is hard to take care of your spirit when there is a lot of negative body talk going on in your mind.  And that is pretty spot on.  Why does your spirit need to be cared for if you treat your body like crap? And this is something that I have been thinking about quite a bit over the last few weeks. How do I want to treat my body better?

spiritual health and Physical health are linked. Just think- how hard is it to improve your spirit when your internal dialogue isnegative-.png

If you have followed any of my journey- you know that I was in a really good place this time last year with my eating and with my exercise.  And then I tried to just maintain where I was.  To maintain the results I had gotten.  And, frankly, I did not do too good at that.  There was a certain point where the thought of this being a lifestyle change went out the window and now I am starting over.  However, I am hoping that personal development and self help will keep me on the right track this time.

I will never stop liking certain foods, but I can honestly say that I do not crave most of them anymore. And that is something it has taken me a long time to work through and admit. It may seem contradictory that this took time, but my old favorite foods are not really favorites anymore.  And right now, I have not found new foods that I just love that replace the ones I used to eat. That replacement is what I am working on now and it is not a simple thing. How do I change over to new foods that fuel my body instead of the ones that I have always depended on?

And here is where the self-help books kinda fail- they do not really give any tips on how to do this, on how to move from eating crap to eating food that is good for you. This is one of the most frustrating things and it is probably purposeful.  What works for each author is not guaranteed to work for every person.  But since I have been through this before-I think I can throw together a tiny list to help me remember where to start and to, maybe, help others on where they should start as well.

To replace my non-healthy foods I will:

  • try new recipes
  • try new foods
  • create healthier versions of old favorites
  • cook at least 4 meals a week
  • plan out treats
  • seek out healthy prepared replacements
  • keep trying until I actually have replacements

I know. I know.  Common sense, right? But it helps me to put things down in writing so that I can see what I am talking about.  So that I can see if what I am saying seems logical and it also doable.  There are times when the ideas in my head do not exactly translate well when it comes to practical execution.  I do think this will work.

From now until Christmas- I am going to check in with different recipes I am trying and also with different foods that I am picking up to give a chance. That is not saying that I will not enjoy some off menu food over the next few weeks-but I am saying that I want to limit that.  I am saying that I am going to start working on my 2017 goals now-instead of waiting for the next Monday, the next 1st of the month or the next year. Nothing will change if I do not start working.  So today-I start to work.  And this time-it is not for the scale. It is to get healthy. Spiritually and physically healthy. And reaching that goal will mean so much more than any number on a scale.


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