#iamthatgirl: Becoming the Girl of Your Dreams

I made a promise on my facebook page to show more of what I am currently working on and working through.  The book I Am That Girl is the latest book I’ve added to my ever growing list of self-help books that I have read.  And I would absolutely suggest that any woman who is having some self doubt pick it up and read it. It is not a ‘everything will be brilliant if you just do this, this, and this’ checklist book.  It is a book that makes you think and really consider what you WANT in life. And on this day where everyone talks about what they are thankful for- I want to share a little about what I WANT in life that makes me thankful for where I am now and where I am going. img_5550I will not sit and pretend my life is hunky-dory all the time.  I weigh more than I want.  I am perpetually single. I am in a job that I love. I want to push my creative limits.  I want to live a life that does not hold me back from getting the things that I need in this life. And I am thankful for every single sentence in this paragraph.

I am thankful for realizing that there are things that I can do in my life to prepare me for what I want.  I am thankful that God has a plan for me and that He is giving me time to get my act together.  I am thankful that people have fallen in to my life at the right time to move me to where I am now.

Some of you know this, but some of you reading this may not know my story.  I grew up in a small town, joined the military at age 18, lived in 4 states in the last 10 years, traveled to multiple countries abroad and have about broken every mold people would place on a child from Smalltown, USA. I did all of that because I did not put limits on who I could be as a person.  I did not and will not put limits on the life that I want to have.

img_5555I Am That Girl talks about living this kind of life.  And it also talks, specifically, about learning from every single experience that happens in life.  That every time we get knocked down, we must pick ourselves up, learn from the experience and move forward in life.  This is a part that I sometimes struggle with.  Moving forward.  Moving on.  Letting go of things that are negative so that I may embrace the positive. This is something I have made a conscious effort to work on for the last year or so.  It has not been easy, but it is absolutely worth it.

In a world where being thankful comes in all shapes and sizes I can honestly say this- I am thankful for every experience in my life.  I am thankful that I get the opportunity to move forward.  I am thankful that I get the chance to create the life I want.  But what does that look like?

I think there will be a bit more writing and blogging and a little less sitting and playing random games on my phone.  I think there will be a bit more of letting my creative side win.  I think there will be random trips to places I just want to go to for the weekend.  I think there will be trying new things and joining new groups- because it looks like fun.  I think there will be more days when I dance in my desk chair at work- because the music is just that good. I think there will be days where my introverted self gets a chance to just rest and enjoy the peace.  And there will be other days where I push myself to find new limits. I am the girl I need to be at THIS moment and I will work to be the girl I want to face in the mirror.  Every. Single. Day.

Go out. Be that girl.  Be who you need to be.  Enjoy every day and every thing that comes your way. This life is meant for you to live.  So create the life you want and do not let anyone tell you that you should do it some other way.



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