Managing Weight Loss: Jenny’s Method: #1 REIGN IT IN

Accepting There Will Be Ups and Downs Is Essential

Accepting There Will Be Ups and Downs Is Essential

Oh my goodness!  We have made it to the last week of these tips and I have loved gathering and doing these.  It has been a great way to look at my mom’s life and see what she has really done to keep herself in shape.

For me- REIGN IT IN- is her number one method of managing her weight.  Why is that?  It is because this is the most realistic part about maintaining weight loss- there will be moments when some of the weight comes back.  There will be moments when my weight fluctuates and that is okay- just so long as I remember to reign it in and concentrate on my weight once it reaches my 5 pound leeway zone.

For years my mom stayed within 5 pounds of her goal weight, pretty much year round.  And how did she do that?  She had a firm ‘line in the sand’ about how much she would allow herself to gain before she locked back down on her nutrition and fitness.  In real life- once we reach our goal weight- we are still very likely to workout and eat well, most of the time, but it will not necessarily be with the same vigor that we used while we were in the active weight loss phase.  And that is okay.  I learned from ‘reign it in’ that this is an essential part of weight management and an essential part of not continually being hard on myself. Leeway is key.

So for those of you out there that go ‘5 pounds is too much!’ or ‘5 pounds is too little!’- these are just general guidelines.  I know for me that 5 pounds is a pretty good range AND that much more than that will have me go into a full blown back slide and that is absolutely something that I want to AVOID.  Reign it in is about being realistic with where your body is comfortable and you are comfortable with what you must do to maintain that particular weight.  Reign it in is about accepting the ups and downs and working with them to get better results in the long run.  Reign it in- is about living your life the way that you want without constant fear of the scale and of being your ‘goal weight’.  And that is why ‘reign it in’ is number one.

Do you have any requests for a new Saturday Special series?  Anything you want me to dig into and find you some answers?  Leave suggestions in the comments!


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