Work On You Wednesday: Single Ladies Edition

Look at who's still single!

Look at who’s still single!

Today- I wanted to take a bit and talk specifically to all of the other single ladies that may stumble across this blog and I hope I can give you some support.  Even if you are a strong, independent woman- there are time when you’d just like to have someone else be there.  Or if you’re like me- you want to find someone that respects that independence and also understands that even though you are independent- you still need others in your life.  You still want the family, 2.5 kids and the white picket fence.  What I really want to talk about is how to focus on this ‘Single Period’ of your life to make yourself the best that you can be for when you do move on to that next stage.

You’re STILL single, how can you talk about how to get to the next stage?  Because I’m living it- that’s why.

God blesses us all with who we are supposed to be with and the journey we are supposed to have in His time- not in on our time table.  I will not sit here and say that that is always comforting, but I do trust and have faith that there is a plan and while God is working on that plan and working on me- I need to do some work on me as well.

This is the one time in our lives where we truly get a chance to work on ourselves and get to know ourselves before we are someone’s mom and someone’s spouse.  Squandering this time that we are given on things that do not help us realize who we are and more fully become that person is not something us single ladies need to do.  And the journey to truly finding out who you are is different for every single woman out there.

So of us find that working on our total health- body, mind and soul is the best thing that we can do while we wait and while we trust. For other people- they look at different aspects of their live.  The worst thing that any single person can do is to give up trying, to give up on themselves and to give up on the journey that God has for them. It is not always easy and there are some of us that will be single forever- however, if that is our fate, shouldn’t be the best person that we can be for ourselves?

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