Managing Weight Loss- Jenny’s Method: #3 PORTION CONTROL IS KEY

Tip 3: Portion Control

Tip 3: Portion Control

If you ask my mom- she actually says that this is tip number 1.  I, personally, rank it a little further down the list (and you’ll see why over the next couple weeks).

There are extremes with portion control and lots of people think that you can only eat a tiny amount to lose weight.  NO.  NO. NO. You actually may need to eat MORE than you are eating to lose weight.  And a lot of that comes with portion control with the right kinds of foods.

My mom has done weight watchers for years to maintain and to lose weight.  With that being said, she learned that the portions that you eat are super important.  You can’t just have a whole cake every day and expect that because it was under your calorie range that you are going to lose weight.  With that kind of food you are missing out on vital nutrients that your body NEEDS.

My lesson about portion control came from Portion Fix.  It’s a slightly different method, but it is ultimately the same concept- you eat more of the good things and less of the high calorie fats.  When I’m following it- I get 8 cups of fruits and veggies a day.  8.  Eight.  Vosem. Ocho.  8. And then the other categories of food fall into various different amounts.  But it all comes down to portion control.

The amount of what we eat is super important when we are losing weight and when we are trying to maintain a certain weight.  Even when we reach our goal weight- we cannot forget that we still need to keep some sort of control on our portions.  There is this tendency to try to go back to eating what we ate before we lost the weight, in the amounts that we used to eat it in.  Can that happen every once in awhile?  Absolutely.  But it cannot happen every day and that is what portion control is ultimately about.  And that is why it is ranked so highly by my mom, but slightly less highly by me.

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