Work on You Wednesday: Own Your Emotions

OWN your emotions

Hi everyone!  I’ve moved my feature Work On You Wednesday over to my blog.  Mainly because me and writing are good friends.  Me and public speaking are okay friends.  If you are interested in the broadcasts you can check them out here.

Now that, that is said and over- let’s get into learning more about how to own who you really are.  Today, I want to talk about owning your emotions.  You know, those scary things that sometimes come out of left field and leave you wandering what the heck just happened?  Or when you cry at the end of a particularly sad episode of Doctor Who?  Or when you shout at the tv when the Alabama defense needs to make a stop?  What?  Am I the only one that does that?

Our emotions are an essential part of who we are.  While our jobs may require that we keep some sort of poker face about how we feel about things- the rest of our lives do not require that.  The PEOPLE in our lives do not want that.  So how do we own our emotions?  And how does owning our emotions make us a better person?

Owning our emotions is crucial to owning who we are.  Our reactions to things are part of us and denying those reactions to things that make us mad or make us feel passion takes away from who we are as people.  I am not trying to encourage people to walk around with no filter and tell everyone, absolutely everything you feel.  What I am encouraging you to do is to feel the emotions.  Do not just push stuff down because it is an ‘inconvenient’ time to feel that way. Feel how you feel- when you feel it. That’s a good thing for your life.  It is a good thing for you as a person.

So how does owning your emotions make you a better person?  It is simple- by owning your emotions, you are owning more of who you are.  And by doing that- it allows you to express and show who you are to the outside world.  We all live in our own little worlds- but our little worlds are part of a bigger world and we all have to find some way to relate to the people around us.

If you take one thing away from this post- I hope it is this- owning your emotions makes you relatable. Being relatable makes other people in your life trust that you are not going to just turn into some grinch one day- that you show who you are every day, through how you act and how you show what you feel.  So own it.  Be real.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  You just may be surprised the people that come in to your life because of it!


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