Managing Weight Loss- Jenny’s Method: #4 EAT THE CAKE

Sometimes- you should just eat the cake.

Sometimes- you should just eat the cake.

The idea of maintaining weight loss means that you will eat some of the foods that you probably avoided while you were losing weight.  If there is one thing I have learned from my mom about that- you shouldn’t be guilty or start spiraling into eat cans and cans of cheese dip when you do this.  You need to give yourself permission to enjoy these food on occasion.  You need to give yourself permission to EAT THE CAKE.

Why is this an important part of maintaining weight loss?  Well- you are putting into practice something that you worked on a great deal while you were losing waiting and that is self control.  In this instance you are trusting YOURSELF enough that you can have that piece of cake and know that it will not turn in to three pieces of cake, a chocolate fudge sundae and any junk food like thing that you can get your hands on.  This is not an easy tip to follow, but it is a tip that we all need to think about- because no one wants to feel deprived in their lives.

Some of you might be saying ‘But it’s a lifestyle change’ and that is true- a true fitness and nutrition journey changes so many things in your life, things that most of us can’t even comprehend when we start the journey.  That being said, there are still many times our lives when we’ll want that piece of cake and it is alright to give yourself permission to have the cake some days.  It is alright to go out with the plan that you are going to only have dessert as your meal, once a month.  None of this is ‘alright’ every day and that is what we have to teach ourselves.  We have to think about the fact that, in moderation, allowing ourselves to have a piece of cake is not the problem.

The problem is when that is what we turn to as a routine habit to help us with other issues in our lives. Having a piece of cake or any meal, should not be able about pulling you out of the dumps or making your day better- it should be able fueling our bodies. Personally, I find that this kind of fuel just doesn’t taste as good as it once did and that when I want dessert now, there are very specific items that I want. Items that aren’t super sugar filled, but that is me and that is where I am in my journey with learning how to ‘eat the cake’ in an acceptable, non-weight loss crippling manner.

So- no matter where you are in your journey- always remember to cut yourself a bit of slack.  Remember that one hiccup or one ‘cheat’ meal does not end all of the progress that you have made during all the weeks and months that you were on track.  We are all human and beating ourselves up over a piece of cake is just not going to help.  What helps me the most is thinking of it this way- I’ll do better tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will work harder on managing my cravings.  I’ll do better with my meal prep.  I’ll cook at home.  Whatever it is I faltered on- I will do better and I will conquer it.  This isn’t a one or two day process- it is weeks, months even of work, some of which might not be easy. And YOU are worth every bit of the effort that you put in to it.

Did you miss out on the first tip?  Take a look at it here. Be sure to check back next week for Tip #3!


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