Managing Weight Loss: Jenny’s Method- #5 NO FAD DIETS


This is Jenny.  She’s my mom and she’s pretty awesome.

She is also the woman that has taught me A LOT about weight loss and most importantly, weight management.  Over the next 5 weeks, I am going to be taking the best nuggets of advice that she has ever given me and putting those nuggets to good use. Some of these are not things she has told me- but things that she just does that make this whole weight management thing make sense.  So today- we start with #5.  The least important of the most important things to do and that is: NO FAD DIETS.

Over the 25+ years of my life- I have watched this woman eat and be merry on more occasions than I can count.  I have also watched her carefully choose what she is going to eat and make sure that her portions are right on track.  Throughout all of that- I can say one thing- she has NEVER done a fad diet (or if she has…it didn’t last long enough for me to notice).  What she has always focused on in the lifestyle changes that are necessary for continued weight management success.

While I have a few diets in mind that just scream ‘fad diet’ to me- that is not how I wish to define a fad diet.  Here I wish to define a fad diet as follows: A fad diet is ANY diet that is used for the sole purpose of losing weight quickly, but does not provide the necessary tools to continue a healthy lifestyle after the initial weight loss is over.  Sadly, there are plenty of diets out there that can fall into this frame.  When I began this lifestyle change it was just that- a lifestyle change.  I knew that every thing that I chose had to be something I could live with for the rest of my life.  I learned this important lesson- from mom. Mom’s method for weight management starts with the fact that how she lost the weight was not in some way that was unattainable in the long term.

Some times people mess up the weight loss management before they even get to that point.  We mess it up when we start off with something that we are completely unable to maintain in the long term.  So take a look at what you are doing now.  Is it something you can do forever?  Or is it something that you can only do for a few weeks or months?  If the answer to question number two is yes- then you are in FAD DIET land and you need to get out of there.  You need to find something that works for you, something that you can reliably do.

That is where things truly get tricky.  No other person can tell you what is right for you. You may have to go out and try a lot of things to find the path that works for you.  What works for me, may not work for you.  People can give you advice and can help you with your journey, but ultimately you have to sit down and figure out what is actually feasible in your life.  Is it weight watchers?  Is it 21 day fix and beachbody programs?  Is it paleo?  Is it Whole30?  Is it being a vegetarian? For each person out there- one of these lifestyles might work and another may seem unattainable.  For some people- none of these work and something else does.  What you have to do is go find the eating habits and exercise that is not a fad for YOU.  Once you’ve done that a lot of the other stuff falls into place.

If you’re interested in finding your path and want to talk- let me know.  You can reach me here.  Let’s find something that works for YOU together!


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