April to Now: Catching Up on My Fitness Journey

Start of My Journey

Start of My Journey

Hi guys and gals!  I realized a few weeks ago that is has been WAAAAY too long since I’ve done a blog post talking about the current program I am working on.  I completely skipped Max30 and T25 round #2 for pete’s sake.  Up front- none of that was purposeful, but I can also say that during those two exercises I was struggling to find a way to break a plateau.  I was struggling with the idea that being at around 165 was as good as I could do.  Essentially- I was backsliding a bit.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret- almost EVERYONE on a fitness journey has moments where they take steps back instead of steps forward.  It’s not all that purposeful, but you lose a bit of motivation or even get cocky about how you’ll just bust out losing the last 15 or so pounds.  Yeah- life has definitely humbled me about that and I’ve had to take on a new approach with all of this.  What is that new approach?  It’s not really rocket science- it’s nutrition.

I listened to EVERY instructor that I’ve used for the last year and a half talk about nutrition.  I also didn’t really pay attention to that.  I was getting my Shakeology, so why should I worry about the rest of my nutrition?  Needless to day, after several months of weight creep- I decided that I needed to get my butt in gear about nutrition.  You see- this working out thing isn’t hard for me anymore.  Let me clarify that, the moves may challenge me, but working out each day is non-negotiable.  It will happen unless it is an off day or I’m sick.  Nutrition- well- I’d kinda do good during the week- but I am 100% one of those blow it on the weekend people.  I want Qdoba.  I want fried EVERYTHING.  I want stuff smothered in cheese and wrapped in bacon.

But in the last few months I realized that those ‘treats’ that I allowed myself didn’t really taste all that good anymore.  And that when I ate them, I’d feel kinda bleh for days afterwards.  This is not something you really want to have happen when you eat food and it just started to click that maybe I should actually look at this nutrition thing a bit harder.

About 6 weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to try portion fix and really work on my nutrition in the weeks leading up to my 10 year high school reunion.  Last week was my first full week of doing the fix and although it was difficult at times to just get everything that I needed to eat, eaten, I definitely have seen and felt the difference and it’s just been one week.  Admittedly, I’ve got two more weeks to go- but I’m super excited and really want to keep at this.  So, as my friends, please excuse me if I talk about food and portions A LOT over the next few weeks.  I have to do it to keep myself accountable- which I absolutely know is important.

Also 4 weeks ago, I started doing TurboFire- which I love.  This is not the come sing cumbaya version of Chalene Johnson that is featured in Piyo, but she’s absolutely awesome nonetheless.  There are so many reminders of just common sense things that we need to do with our fitness in order to make it work.  From making appointments with ourselves to writing down our nutrition.  The first month is a bit repetitive, but I still had a lot of fun with it and once I got used to a routine- I like that I was able to completely zone out and really work hard during those workouts.  It was complete therapy.  Now for the fun part- where I am now!  Seriously looking at where I began and where I am now is amazing for me!



I know that this journey isn’t done yet, because I am not where I want to be yet.  My goals may have changed and my timeline for those goals may have changed as well, but they are still totally attainable!  That is what I have to focus on!

Do you want help reaching your own fitness goals?  Do you need daily motivation to keep going?  Join me here to get daily motivation from me!

My goal is to get some sort of post out on here at least once a week- hopefully I’ll be able to stick with that.  Until next time- keep working people!


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