Fitness Challenges: Piyo

For the last two months-  I have been working out with a program called Piyo and it has been great!  It is a complete departure from T25 and many of the other programs that I have enjoyed over the last several months of this journey.  The big thing that I found myself focusing on (besides the wonderful low impact workouts that it has) was nutrition. Chalean Johnson talks about how important nutrition is throughout the entire program and I FINALLY started listening to this sage advice in the second half of the program.  Before I go into the whole nutrition thing, I’ll give a little bit more about the program itself.

This is not a high impact program, it is a program that people getting back into fitness would love and people who need a break from high impact programs.  My body NEEDED this program.  It needed a break and I feel like I will be able to go back to Insanity MAX 30 and kill it.  That is the point of these kinds of programs- it lets you workout and also look after your body at the same time. Everyone needs a break from the hard pounding workouts, which is why even during those workouts stretching is super important. Overall- I love this program and I will absolutely continue to go back to it for stretch days each week.

Now, let’s talk about the nutrition piece.  This is something that I have taken seriously off and on, but no where near as consistently as I should. I have been doing Shakeology every day for months, but that only helps so much.  For the most part I tried to do well during Christmas, but that was not the easiest thing to do. So what I really vowed to do during the last three weeks of piyo- was to focus on my nutrition and that helped so much!  If you look at my little hand drawn, weigh in chart, you’ll see how things went for me.  And also- how they may work out for you too.  Weight loss is not a line that goes straight down at a nice angle and is always consistent.  There are ups and downs, things change and life happens and the scale jumps up and down.  Do not get discouraged!  At the end if you are still working hard, the scale will eventually start to play nice.

2015-01-24 08.58.34

The other big thing that happened during Piyo was that I was placed on thyroid medication again. I had managed to lose 19 pounds before I was put back on the medication and now the weight is starting to come off again.  Honestly, I am thankful for the medicine (and I really hate going to the doctor, but this is something I refuse to take lightly).  In 2010, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and had my thyroid irradiated.  For most people these leads to being put on medication immediately, for me- it took 4 years for my thyroid function to fall off enough for the medication to be needed.  I am still in the stages where we are trying to get the medicine to  be at the right level for my body, but after this last check up- it looks like me and the doctor are on the right path to getting this under control.  If you are like me and have a thyroid condition- trust me when I say that you CAN get the weight off- you just have to put in the work and find a doctor that will work with you.  I know this is not going to be an easy road and for the rest of my life I’ll be going in to get the dosage adjusted as things change, but it is completely doable.

Now for the fun part- before and after pictures and measurements!

2014-11-22 08.09.39

Beginning of Piyo


Chest: 34.5

Waist: 29.5

Hips: 37.5

Right Thigh: 19.75

Left Thigh: 19.5

Right Upper Arm: 11

Left Upper Arm: 11.25

Pounds Left to Lose: 25.2

Pounds Lost: 19.8 

2015-01-24 08.39.05

End of Piyo


Chest: 35.25

Waist: 29.5

Hips: 37.75

Right Thigh: 20.75

Left Thigh: 20.75

Right Upper Arm: 11.5

Left Upper Arm: 11.5

Pounds Left to Lose: 22

Pounds Lost: 23

And this time- I actually gained inches in some places.  Not sure if this is from toning or that I just pulled the band tighter at the beginning than I did now- but I am okay with it.  For the first time- the number on the bottom, is bigger than the number on the top and THAT is absolutely awesome in my books.  Also- when I take a look at the pictures I can SEE a huge difference in various areas and that makes me really happy- sometimes the measurements don’t show it, so the photos really help.

Want to know more about this journey and follow along on a daily basis with what I’m doing- feel free to like Bailey Holladay- Building My Best Body and also feel free to message me if this seems like something you’d want to do.

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