Fitness Challenge: Rockin’ Body

Rockin’ Body is a definite departure from many of the other workouts that I have done over the last several months- but don’t let the fact that it is a dance workout fool you- it will absolutely kick your butt. It may not have the high intensity of T25, but it is still a high impact workout.  During the first week, I thought that it would be easy and that I would just coast my way through dance workouts and then I got to the workout simply titled ‘Rock It Out’, which was on the strength disc.  That should have been a clue that it was going to be an intense, body sculpting, workout.  However- I did not pick up this clue and when Shaun T said ‘pick up your weights’ my mind went completely blank.  So I picked up my weights and proceeded to get my butt kicked by Shaun T.  My initial assessment was that I would have an easier time on strength- after ‘Rock It Out’ I had completely changed my mind.

There were several pluses to these workouts- Shaun T breaks down the choreography in a way that is easy to learn and remember- he is also hilarious and keeps you distracted, which made it easier for me to do the workout and not really realize how hard I was working.  As I mentioned before it is lower impact, but not low impact by any means.  The only minus that I really have is that if you are looking to tone up, this probably is not the workout for you or it should be combined with strength workouts from another source.

As always- here’s the photos and numbers:

Before Rockin' Body

Before Rockin’ Body

Beginning Measurements

Chest: 35.5

Waist: 30.5

Hips: 39

Right Thigh: 19.25

Left Thigh: 19.5

Right Upper Arm: 11.5

Left Upper Arm: 11.75

Pounds Left to Lose: 26

Pounds Lost: 19


End of Rockin’ Body

Ending Measurements

Chest: 35

Waist: 29.75

Hips: 38.25

Right Thigh: 18.5

Left Thigh: 19

Right Upper Arm: 11.25

Left Upper Arm: 11.5

Pounds Left to Lose: 25.2

Pounds Lost: 19.8

Inches Lost: 3.5

Want to see my week by week thoughts and results?  Or even the crazy videos that I made along the way while doing these workouts- take a look here.

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