Eating Clean: My Kind of Meal Planning

Some people are amazing meal planners- I am not one of them.  When it comes to meal planning- most of my ‘planning’ consists of looking in the fridge and going ‘what do I have that is considered to be clean foods?’ However, I know that that does not really help people too much when it comes to meal planning.  The easiest thing for me when it comes to meal planning is what I call ‘go to’ recipes/meals.  I am going to attempt to detail some of my go to mains and sides below and hopefully that will help you put a meal together.  Also, if this is too complicated, take a look at my Paleo Board on Pinterest- I haven’t gone through all of the recipes yet, but I am working on it.

My Go To ‘I Don’t Want to Cook’ Meal


If I do not want to cook- I pull out a turkey burger, some veggies and fruit and call it supper. There is really no recipe to this one- I almost always have turkey burgers in the freezer and I feel like I can eat almost anything with it.  In order to keep clean eating a priority, I definitely suggest one or two ‘go to’ meals for when you do not want to cook.

Sweet Potato With Anything Meal


If you take a look at my 3 weeks on, 1 week off post, you’ll see that I became a huge fan of sweet potatoes when it comes to my meals.  Come sweet potato season, I am sure that they will become an item that I buy on a weekly basis and freeze to last through the rest of the year.  Of all the recipes I found that this kielbasa hash was my favorite.  Yes, you have to substitute sweet potatoes for the regular potatoes, but it absolutely worth it.

Banana Pancakes

7 Sept14 001

I had a harder time finding things for breakfast, even though I ate tons of sweet potatoes, there were definitely moments when I wanted breakfast food- real breakfast food and this is the closest thing that I could find to that. While they are certainly not traditional pancakes, they actually taste closer to the real thing than most would imagine, you can find the wonderful recipe for these here.

Cauliflower Is Amazing

The Cauliflower is hiding next to the avocado.

The Cauliflower is hiding next to the avocado.

This is one of those ‘don’t knock it til you try it’ foods.  I was skeptical when I saw people roasting cauliflower and saying that it was amzaing.  Then I tried it.  It took a few tries and a few recipes to get it the way I like it, but once I found a way that I like it, I completely understood it. Check out one of my favorite recipes for this here.

Zucchini Is Kinda Awesome Too

26 july 020

I was a bit more willing to try zucchini and had it in all sorts of forms but my two favorites had to be as noodles and chips.  I was never able to really find a great recipe for noodles and simply tossed some boiling water over the zucchini to give it a bit of a not raw texture.  However, there are TONS of recipes for chips and you can see one of my favorites here.

As a last reminder about clean eating- remember this:



Do you have some amazing clean eating recipes you’d like to share?  Feel free to do so in the comments below!

Do you want to learn more about clean eating, fitness and see a bit more of my story?  Go check out my fitness page here.

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