Working Out With Injuries: My Story

Most people have been injured at some point in time, whether it is a broken bone, a pulled muscle or some sprained ligaments.  There are definitely times when the injury is so severe that there is no way to work out or that it is against the advice of medical professionals to do so.  So- what do you do after the injury has healed enough that you can actually work out? Below are some of the things that I have found work best for me.

*Note: I am not a medical professional, please seek advice from a medical professional before beginning any exercise regimen.  This is merely my advice and experience with working out post injury.*

1.) Take it slow.

It seems like this would be the most logical thing in the world, but if you were previously used to being able to do 60 minute workout sessions, you may find that after an injury that you are not able to do anywhere near this.  That high impact workouts are all but banned and that you are overcompensating with your good limb.  Being someone who has probably done more damage to their body than good when rehabing from an injury- take my advice and take it slow.  The results may take longer, but you will not do more damage to your body.

2.) Wear your braces (if applicable).

The Ankle Brace that Makes It Possible

The Ankle Brace that Makes It Possible

Another ‘I have learned this the hard way’ moment and I took of my brace before my ankle was ready.  I started with T25 Alpha and towards the end of that, I was pleased that I could actually do the workouts without the brace.  Then I decided to head on to T25 Beta, without the brace, this was a BAD idea.  I did not roll my ankle, but I put more strain on it than I should, so after a week- I was back in the brace and I haven’t taken it off since.  Do I want to be able to workout without it?  Yes, but my general experience says that it will probably be years before my ankle is strong enough.  This is not the first time I have tried to heal a messed up ankle and my right ankle took around 4 years, at this rate- I’ve got another 2.5 years to go.  So- if you have a joint that you’ve injured and is not strong enough to do the work by itself- wear the brace and wean yourself off when you decide it is time for it to go.  I would rather take the ‘slow and steady’ method than do what I did this last time and find myself back to being very dependent on it when I workout.

3.) Listen to your body.

When trying to get back into shape, there are times when your entire body will be sore- but soreness for those of us with a previous injury can be scary.  So take a moment and listen to your body when this happens.  Is it just a bit more soreness because you have neglected to use that joint due to injury?  Or have you truly aggravated the injury?  Only you can know the answer to this.  I have done both and I have worked out through both.  Is that smart?  Not necessarily.  The one thing that I have really learned is that I have to be able to do the exercises without overcompensating. If I cannot do that, I need to either take the impact down or take a break.  None of this is work re-injuring yourself or making things worse by injuring your ‘good’ side.  Listen to what your body says and be able to admit that sometimes you need a break.

I could go on and on  about this, about different ways that people and research suggest that you go back to working out after an injury.  These are just three steps that work for me, if you have been injured you may have different things that work for you.

Interested in finding out more about my fitness journey and would you like some help with your own?  Feel free to hit me up here.

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