Fitness Challenge: 30 Day Shred

Wow- there is a part of me that can’t believe that 30 days has passed and there is another part of me that is so thankful that this is over.  Don’t get me wrong, 30 Day Shred is a good program, but it is not the kind of program that I see myself doing in the long run.  Partially because doing the same thing every day for 5 to 6 days burns out your muscles and partially because I find Jillian Michael’s to be a bit annoying. Let’s stick to the same thing for 5 days part of it though.  I have an ankle injury from awhile back that still bothers me and there was a week when my ankle took a fairly solid beating.  So while Jillian does get results, the consistent beating on certain muscle groups is not good for someone with a continuing injury.

However, with Jillian, I was able to maintain a much better diet than on any of the other programs.  That might be because I had already done the 30-day clean eating challenge and that just kind of continued on into this month.  Frankly, I don’t see it permanently ending any time soon and right now I am on a weekend off, where I am eating the not so good stuff in my fridge to try to get rid of it.  The practical Southerner in me can’t just throw it away- so it’ll be eaten and then not bought again any time soon.

So the best part of these posts- the results:

Week 1

End of Week 1- 30 Day Shred

End of Week 1- 30 Day Shred


Beginning of 30 Day Shred Measurements:

Chest: 36.75

Waist: 30.5

Hips: 38.75

Thigh: 20.25

Upper Arm: 11.75

Pounds Left to Lose: 30

Pounds lost: 15

End of Week 4- 30 Day Shred

End of Week 4- 30 Day Shred

End of 30 Day Shred Measurements

Chest: 35.5

Waist: 30

Hips: 39.25

Thigh: 20.25

Upper Arm: 11.5

Pounds Left to Lose: 28

Pounds lost: 17

Inches Lost: 1.5

So, I do no have as many unintended consequences this time, as I did with the other challenges that I worked on.  It seems that the biggest unintended consequence is having an opportunity to help others try to reach their own fitness goals.  Not necessarily something I thought that would happen, but something that is definitely worth it.

Also- if you read this- look out for an announcement sometime in the next few days- good things are coming on my fitness journey and I want to help some others along the way.


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