Fitness Challenge: T25 Beta

Over the last ten weeks a lot of things have changed. First, I’d like to go with the ones that are actually completely attributed to T25 and then there are the others that come along as unintended consequences of this journey.  The direct feedback for Beta is that it was great, but there were also some issues that I had with Beta along the way.

The last week of Alpha, I was able to take off my ankle brace and do the workouts without a problem.  I thought that I would be able to continue the same thing with Beta, but I was wrong about that.  After the first few days I went back to the brace and had to take a couple weeks building my ankle back up again.  At this point, I’m fairly sure that I’ll be in the ankle brace for this sort of stuff for a lot longer with anything that is remotely high impact.

The second thing that I learned during Beta, was that there is absolutely no shame in doing the modifications.  I thought at the beginning ‘oh yeah, I made it through Alpha- I’ll have no problem doing the full version’.  Ugh, no.  Not even close to the case, the modifications were needed, but as with Alpha, I found myself doing them less and less as the weeks went on.

Let’s look at the before and after photos.  As well as the results.

Day Zero: T25 Challenge- BEFORE

Day Zero: T25 Challenge- BEFORE

Beginning of T25 Challenge

Chest: 41

Waist: 34

Hips: 42

Thigh: 23

Upper Arm: 13.5

Pounds Left to Lose: 39

Pounds lost: 6

End of Week 10 Day 5

End of Week 10 Day 5

End of Challenge Results: 

Chest: 3

Waist: 2.5

Hips: 2

Thigh: 2

Upper Arm: 1.5

Total Inches Lost: 11

Pounds Left to Lose: 32

Pounds lost: 13

I definitely did not have as drastic of results with Beta as I did with Alpha, but I also had a couple of horrible nutrition weeks in there, what with Memorial Day, a birthday, a retirement and a couple other things thrown in the mix.  I will not blame it all on that, since most of it was actually my choice, but that also helps me point out the fact that me and my nutrition need to have a real heart to heart.  That is something that will be worked on in the next month as I try to deal with an eating clean plan for 30 days that my fitness coach, Angie, brought me into.

Unintended Consequences

There are not as many gushing unintended consequences as last time, but they are still there.  Most of the people who knew me from before all of this are still very encouraging and say nice things, but now that they know I’m sticking with it- it isn’t as much as before.  (Which is honestly fine as that gets awkward sometimes, depending on the person.) Many of them come from my own self-confidence getting better throughout all this.  Other parts of it are just the fact that my clothes fit better or that I have gone back down into some of the clothes that I had lying around but hadn’t been able to put on in awhile.  Also- it just feels good to do something for me.  It’s a lot of work, but it is something I need to do and a few months ago- I probably couldn’t have said that.

What’s Next? 

As I wrote a few paragraphs up, I’ll be starting a clean eating challenge come Monday- we’ll see how this goes and if I can really stick with it.  I also just started the Gamma program of T25- so there’ll definitely be one more T25 post in the future.

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