Step Into My Closet: Dress Obsession- The JcPenney Edition

As I previously stated in Step Into My Closet: Dress Obsession- The Target Edition– I enjoy finding dresses that come from all price ranges and have a variety of styles.  This post explores some of the finds that I have found at JcPenney’s over the years.  This is my mid-range store when it comes to several items, to include dresses.  What I mainly like about JcPenney’s is that I can generally find a cheaper, similar looking version of dresses from stores- such as Macy’s.  Unless the fit is horribly off- I believe that this is often a great way to find clothes you love that fit in your budget.  

So, without further ado- the looks!

Joneswear dress, accessorized with a jacket by Worthington- the entire outfit came from JcPenney's.

Joneswear dress, accessorized with a jacket by Worthington- the entire outfit came from JcPenney’s.

The above outfit is certainly a step or two up from many of the outfits that can be found at Target.  I will say that I have difficulty with many of the fits of Target’s more tailored looks, which is why I do not do all of my shopping there.  JcPenney’s has a fairly extensive petite section, which is something I truly appreciate.  Generally, I have been able to find jackets there that fit well and have good structure to them.  Thanks to that- I often pair them with dresses to complete an outfit.  That being said- a jacket can not fix a dress that fits poorly and I do like to be able to wear all of my dresses with and without blazers.  My best suggestion is to make sure that every item fits on its own.  If it doesn’t- you are far less likely to wear it repeatedly.

Overall- the outfit above, probably cost around $60-$80.  The dress is four or so years old and I was unable to find a similar dress. I bought the jacket only last year and a similar one can be found here.

Liz Clairborne dress from JcPenney's- accessorized with Merona cardigan and yellow belt from Target

Liz Claiborne dress from JcPenney’s- accessorized with Merona cardigan and yellow belt from Target

This second dress is also from JcPenney’s and is admittedly one of my favorite dresses I’ve bought from there recently.  I consider it a cheaper version of a similar dress by Calvin Klein, which is part of the reason I bought it.  I paid about $40 dollars for it sometime last year and although it was bought recently, JcPenney’s does not currently carry a similar dress. The total cost of the above outfit was probably around $60-$70.

On occasion- I have been known to play around with colors to see what looks good and also just because I get bored of wearing the same thing every day.  That is part of what lead me to the above outfit.  I have a lot of neutrals in my closet and probably an equal amount of color.  There are just some days when I feel that playing around with color and trying things.  I actually would encourage this for most people- we all mess up occasionally, but that is part of the fun of clothes and fashion.

Rating the items

Joneswear Blue Dress

Size- 10 and it possibly is a bit on the big side for a 10.  This dress is also made of a stretchier material, which should be taken into consideration for sizing.

Washing- Dry Clean Only.  I pretty well LOATHE when a piece of clothing says this.  Recently, I stumbled across a way to do a bit of at home dry cleaning (i.e.- steam the garment within an inch of its life and then toss in the dryer with a towel doused in essential oils for 20 minutes).  The steam method has been the thing that has allowed me to acquire more dry clean only without worry about an expensive dry cleaning bill.

Price- ????- The dress is four years old, still fits and has minimal wear and tear issues.  Therefore, however much I paid for it was worth it.

Overall rating: 5 of 5- the garment has lasted and that is the main reason for the rating.

Liz Claiborne Houndstooth Dress

Size- 12 and I would say it is about the normal size of a 12.  The dress has a little bit of give, but not nearly as much as some others I have in my closet.

Washing- Machine wash cold.  The upkeep on this dress has been fairly easy and I have not noticed any problems with shrinking when the dress is washed.

Price- roughly $40.  I am decently sure that I got this dress on sale (who doesn’t love a sale).  That being said- I know it was at least $60 cheaper than a nearly identical Calvin Klein dress.  I cannot always find cheaper versions of dresses, but I do have my ways for buying nicer dresses on a budget (which involves a bit of internet research).  Honestly- pretty happy with the price for what I got.

Overall rating: 4 of 5.  The only reason this garment is not higher is because I do not know how long it will last.  Maybe in a few years the rating will change.

JcPenney’s and stores like it still have a place in our fashion world.  There are definitely times when I go take a look around the store and find nothing and there are other days when I have to choose which garment I like the most.  That can be true in any store, but I believe for the mid-price range store it is especially true.

So- do you have any great steals you’d like to share?  Feel free to comment below!

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