Step Into My Closet: Basic Khaki Skirt

In this blog- I like to talk about some of the basics that live in all of our closets (or at least should).  In this instance I want to present my view on the Basic Khaki Pencil Skirt. I should state now that I am quite a fan of pencil skirts and what they can help accentuate and also what they help hide.  Currently- I have several pencil skirts that live in my closet, but for a good bit of the year I find myself reaching towards the khaki one the most. Yes, it is a boring neutral, but that does not mean that any of the outfits that are made with the skirt are boring. Almost every outfit needs a neutral and using a skirt like this is probably one of my favorite ways to allow myself to play with other colors.

Clothing for Blog 007

Here I present a fairly basic way to wear the skirt- with a nice solid colored top.  As you can see, the skirt does hold wrinkles from sitting and does wrinkle fairly quickly.

ClothingForBlog 025Another option is to wear a shirt tucked in to the skirt.  I, personally, prefer to tuck in more blouse-y shirts and use any extra material to help make the lines cleaner.

Clothing for Blog 040And my last and probably most common look is using it with a sweater and a tank top during summer time to allow for a more pulled together look, that is not sweltering.

Where do I get most of these clothes? Most of the tops come from Loft and I am sure that similar styles will be available there in the near future.  As for the pencil skirt, I get most of mine from Target and they regularly cost between $15 and $25 dollars depending on if they are on sale. Considering how much many clothes go for- this is definitely a steal!

Rating the item:

Khaki Skirt by Merona, found at Target:

Size- 10 and it seems to run slightly big (I generally wear 10 or 12 for most bottoms, but this is a looser 10)

Washing: Holds up well with washing, does not seem to lose color.  Does shrink a bit when it is dried in the dryer, can be line dried and ironed if it just fits.

Overall rating: 4 out of 5.  I wish it were a bit more wrinkle resistance, but overall this piece has become a staple of my wardrobe.

Check out the Target skirt here and for more color options look here.

This is a tiny piece of my closet and I hope that in the upcoming weeks I will get to share a good bit more.

This is an unsolicited product review and by no means represents the views of Target or Merona. 

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