Save Me From the ‘Hey Pretty Ladies’ of Online Dating

Hey pretty lady.

Hey cutie.

Hey sweetie.

Hey beautiful.

Come on men!  There has to be a better way to start a conversation with a woman. My general experience with just saying ‘hey’ or something near this equivalent is not actually starting a conversation.  Usually, I find that it gets ignored.  Want to know what will probably get most women to actually answer you back?  I want you to think about that for a few moments- really think about it.

Done thinking?  Good.

Here’s my tip- most of us in the online dating world have a profile page that gives away a bit of information about ourselves, but not everything about us.  So, start with an interest that we share or ask about some random tidbit that was on the page.  Either way, most people are more compelled to answer a question than they are to try to start a conversation that begins with ‘hey sexy’.  Personally, I am much more likely to look at those types of messages just to get them out of my ‘unanswered’ pile.  You may be a great man, but what you start with shows a lot about you.  Doing a bit of research may be annoying, but if it gets you a date in the end, don’t you think it’s worth it?


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