Week 7: Sickness and Fitness; Summary

Sickness and Fitness

Last week was not a fun week, I spent most of last weekend sequestered on the couch, unable to move around and do much of anything.  I thought by Monday that I was better, but I was wrong.  When I tried to work out on Tuesday, it just made things worse.  Essentially, I spent the week either on the couch or in bed.  While I my nutrition stayed good for the first few days, exercise was impossible.

Then when my appetite finally came back- the idea of dieting went out the weekend.  I.e.- I was human.  I ate more than I should have and ate things that were not healthy for me in the least bit.  So all in all, it was just a sucky week.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t necessarily feel bad about the poor eating choices.  They happened and there is nothing I can really do about it.  All I can do is continue on and try to be better the next time I’m sick, which will probably be a few years.  Really, life happens and sometimes we all have bad weeks.  The thing that really matters is what we do after that bad week. This week I have a pt test and several other milestone tests to focus on, but I feel like I am back on the right track with nutrition and working out.  Now, I just have to stay there.

Day 1:

weight loss 004 weight loss 005 weight loss 006

Day 7:

WeightLoss 001 WeightLoss 002 WeightLoss 003


Measurements Day 1: Waist: 32.5, Chest: 38, Hips: 41, Thigh: 22, Bicep: 12.5, Weight- 172

Measurements Day 7: Waist: 32.5, Chest: 37.5, Hips: 41. Thigh: 21.75, Bicep: 13, Weight- 173

Total Weight Loss Week 7: +1 lbs

Weight Loss Total: 6 lbs

Weight left to lose: 34 lbs

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