Week 6: Deck of Cards Workout and Summary

Deck of Cards Workout

I am one of those people that gets tired of doing the same workout over and over, especially when it comes to strength.  After years and years of doing push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks and mountain climbers- I am extremely tired of those exercises.  So last week, I created a deck of cards to use for my workouts.  Essentially it is a bunch of different exercises with the number I am supposed to do placed on an index card.

I can’t say that the idea was purely my own, as I have seen actually decks of ‘cards’ that have exercises on them.  I just am not willing to pay money for them, so I thought I would make my own.  So far it has worked out fairly well.  It gives me something different to do and also allows me to look into different ideas for working out.  I feel like I can add new exercises to that deck and get used to them before really incorporating them into my workouts.  I also feel like I should never get the same exercise twice, which is real important.  If I am going to do this, I need variety and this will help provide that.

Breaking a Plateau

Finally this week I am back on the downward road, which is actually good in weight loss terms.  The last several times that I have tried to lose weight, my biggest issue has been getting to a plateau and then giving up.  It isn’t that I don’t realize what it is, it just gets depressing when you have worked so hard and then it all grinds to a halt. For some reason this time, I was really able to keep focusing on the little things.  The little things that help along the way, have helped keep my focus and that has been a blessing.  So, here’s to having a good week and hopefully many more.

Day 1

Tuckinginandweightloss 022 Tuckinginandweightloss 023 Tuckinginandweightloss 024

Day 7:

weight loss 004 weight loss 005 weight loss 006


Measurements Day 1: Waist: 33, Chest: 38.5,  Hips: 41; Thigh: 22.5, Bicep, 12.5, Weight- 174

Measurements Day 7: Waist: 32.5, Chest: 38, Hips: 41, Thigh: 22, Bicep: 12.5, Weight- 172

Total Weight Loss Week 6: 2 Pounds

Weight Loss Total: 7 lbs

Weight left to lose: 33 lbs

Here is a bit of what I am noticing so far- my jeans that used to be snug straight out of the dryer are starting to fit more loosely in the waist line when I first put them on- it doesn’t require any fun shimmying to get into them now.  The other thing that I can’t help but noticing is that I am losing inches from my chest  and hips first, which was something that I didn’t really believe would happen first.  It’s good to know that that is where the most noticeable differences will be and that eventually the other areas will catch up, just with some more work.

So, that’s all for this week.  See you soon.


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