Week 5: The Principle of the Cheat Day and Summary

The Principle of the Cheat Day

In any drastic food change of life plan- I think it is a good idea to build in a cheat day.  At the very least, have the opportunity to eat a bad meal if I wish.  So, I allow myself two bad meals a week.  They can be from anywhere or anything.  The biggest part about it is to not feel the guilt.  To know that these meals are planned and that the exercise that I am doing should take care of one or two bad meals.

Some people would say that this is a foolish idea and that it is self sabotaging, for the most part it isn’t.  I don’t have crazy cravings for fast food, because I do allow myself to have it every once in awhile.  Allowing myself to have these ‘bad’ meals makes it easier to keep on the track of good meals week after week.  As the weeks go by, I even start wanting the bad meals less and less.  All of this is a process and having the bad days built into the plan doesn’t make me feel like a failure afterwards.

Another Plateau Week

For the second week in a row- I have maintained my weight, but not been able to lose anything.  However, this week I have a biological imperative that explains it: PMS.  I’m a girl- it happens, pretty much like clockwork.  The best I can do is keep my food intake and exercise levels normal and know that the weight will come off in the long run.  A week like this, is just what happens.  It is a miracle that I didn’t gain any weight thanks to  my lovely monthly friend.  So, I’m just going to deal with it and know that when the water weight comes off, I’ll be back on track.

Summary Week 5

Day 1:

weightlossanntaylorpost 001 weightlossanntaylorpost 002 weightlossanntaylorpost 003

Day 7:

Tuckinginandweightloss 022 Tuckinginandweightloss 023 Tuckinginandweightloss 024

Measurements Day 1: Waist- 32.5, Chest- 38.5, Hips- 41.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 13, Weight-174

Measurements Day 7: Waist: 33, Chest: 38.5,  Hips: 41; Thigh: 22.5, Bicep, 12.5, Weight- 174

Pounds Lost this week: 0

Total Pounds Lost: 5 lbs

Pounds left to lose: 35 lbs

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