Step Into My Closet: Essential Work Shoes

Shoes 005

This week, I want to talk about one of my favorite accessories- shoes.  While some of these fall into the ‘cute but a bit uncomfortable’ category, I believe that they all represent shoes that should be in every woman’s closet.  So let’s start with one of the most basic and most essential- a pair of black high heels.

Black High Heels

Shoes 024

As you can see, these are the black high heels that I chose and I absolutely love them.  These just so happen to be the one of two pairs that I own and they have the lower heel.  Why is the lower heel important?  Well, it’s not if you sit at your desk all day and do nothing but walk to fairly close places.  However, if you have to walk anywhere- the lower hell is going to be your best friend.  It certainly is mine.  Again, since I’m a bargain hunter- I got these Jessica Simpson shoes on sale.


Shoes 013

Whether it is winter or summer wedges heels are an absolute must to have in your collection.  They add height, but are not nearly as uncomfortable as high heels can be.  Personally, I love wedges and have several pairs that I put to good use.  The ones pictured above are from the Fergalicious by Fergie collection.  I never thought I’d wear shoes designed by her, but I own two pairs and love both of them.

Nude Heels

Shoes 017

Nude shoes are another basic that is wonderful to have in your closet.  It does take awhile to find the right tone of nude shoe for you, but once you do- these will become some of your go to shoes.  They may not be flashy, but they compliment almost any outfit, just like black high heels.  The ones above are also from the Fergalicious by Fergie collection.

Knee High Boots

Shoes 009

While these may not be exactly knee high, it is a close as I can get.  Due to the fact that I wear a size 6.5 to 7 in shoes and I have very defined calf muscles thanks to years of cheerleading and play sports, I have a hard time finding boots.  If they have a zipper- I can guarantee that they won’t zip past my upper ankle.  I’ve even tried ‘wide calf’ boots and have had no luck with them.  In recent years I have found one shoe designer that makes pull on boots that fit me- Steve Madden.  His Madden Girl collection has some of the only knee high boots that I can wear.  Thanks to this fact, these are the second pair I own by him and I will certainly buy more in the future.

So why are knee high boots a staple?  Because sometimes you want to be a little casual, but not completely quit trying- boots with a heel help give this impression.  Plus on casual Friday, you don’t have to feel like you are completely letting go when you pair boots like these with your favorite skinny jeans and a cute top.    Again, these shoes are multi-purpose and that is exactly what you want in an essential.


Shoes 031 Shoes 036

Last, but not least- flats.  For those people out there that are blessed to be of average height, it is likely that you can pull these off with about anything.  I have another purpose for flats- they are my walking shoes.  Instead of wearing sneakers for the trek into work, I throw on a pair of flats like the ones pictured above and wear them when I have to walk long distances.  Pictured on the left are a pair of shoes I picked up from Target.  The ones on the right are Toms.  Either are great to have in your bag when you just need to slip into something that does not kill your feet.

So, this is a quick trip into my closet to show off and discuss shoes that are on my list of essentials.  Be on the look out for my next post, which may or may not deal with essentials of a different kind.

*Disclaimer: The above mentioned items and retailers are only my favorites.  I do not make any profit nor am I affiliated with any of these manufacturers.*

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