Week 4: Hitting a Plateau and Summary


This week I hit the wall that every person who is trying to lose weight eventually has to face, I plateaued.  While my weight stayed the same this week, I tried to focus more on rebuilding my cardio regime.  I know that I have been slacking in this department lately and am slowly trying to work my way back up to heavy cardio four to five times a week.  Why am I not just jumping into the cardio full force?  It’s fairly simple- I don’t want to get hurt and I want my body to get used to living on fewer calories.

As I am not a scientist, all I can speak to here is what I know about my body.  I know that my body will break down and that I will suffer from crazy cravings if I do not ease myself into some of this.  While the cardio is the big calories burner, I have to keep an eye on myself and avoid doing more harm than good.  Essentially, I want to make sure that I am burner fat- not muscle- when I am exercising.  There are many different ways to guarantee that, but I have found in the past that a phased approach to doing heavy cardio helps me.  Every week, I try to add one more hard session.  Last week, I did two cardio sessions.  This week I am going to strive for three, possibly four if the weather is nice and I am able to run this weekend.

Cardio is essential to get past this plateau, but I cannot allow myself to get down because my body is taking some time to adjust.  I just have to keep doing the right things and working at it.  There will be no quitting in this goal, and while my weight may have stayed the same, some of my measurements have changed. So, there is some progress and that is what I must focus on.


Day 1:

WeightLoss 002 WeightLoss 003 WeightLoss 004

Day 7:

WeightLoss 005 WeightLoss 006 WeightLoss 007

Measurements Day 1: Waist- 32.5, Chest- 39, Hips- 41.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 13, Weight- 174

Measurements Day 7: Waist- 32.5, Chest- 38.5, Hips- 41.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 13, Weight-174

Weight Loss Week 4- 0 lb

Total Weight loss- 5 lbs

Weight Left to Lose- 35 lbs

2 thoughts on “Week 4: Hitting a Plateau and Summary

    • It’s also for fact that I want it to stay gone. So, if I want that to happen, there will be weeks where my body has to adjust. I just have to learn to live with it.

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