Week 3: Owwwwwww and Summary


So the last week has been one of those weeks where by Tuesday I just wanted to survive until Wednesday and by the end of Wednesday I wanted a fastforward button to the weekend.  Here is a recap of how my week went- on Monday, I tweaked my left hamstring and have been babying it ever since and it is slowly healing, very slowly.

Tuesday, I got to experience the rudeness of man kind and felt pretty bad because of it.  Wednesday, my car was rear ended, which landed me with more running around than I really wanted to do for a week.  So, all in all- I had a pretty horrible week and fitness wise, I have just been keeping my head above water.  Trying to do what cardio I can that does not mess with my hamstring and trying to keep myself sane due to the lovely other issues that have gone on in my life.

However, for the majority of the week, I was able to keep my eating pretty steady and didn’t eat too badly on the days when all things just went horribly wrong.  That alone proved something to me- that I really can do this, because after this last week, it seems like if I was able to at least hold my nutrition together when so many other things were going to pot, I’ll be able to do it again.  It was a bad week on all sides, but it was a good week in what it proved about me.


Day 12

weightloss 001 weightloss 002 weightloss 003

Day 7

weightloss 022 weightloss 023 weightloss 021

Measurement Day 1: Waist- 32.75, Chest 39, Hips- 42.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 12.5, Weight- 175

Measurement Day 7: Waist- 32.5, Chest- 39, Hips- 41.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 13, Weight- 174

Weight Loss Week 3- 1 lb

Total Weight loss- 5 lbs

Weight Left to Lose- 35 lbs

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