Week 2: Dreaded Mock PT Test, Getting More Protein and Summary

Dreaded Mock PT Test

This was most definitely a FUN week.  I got to do one of the things that I truly hate in the military- a PT Test.  It would be one thing if these tests actually measured how physically fit I need to do my job and such, but they don’t really, at least not in my branch of service.  For this test we are required to run a mile and a half, do sit ups, push ups and have our waist taped.  None of which I really love to have done, but I have learned over the years how to tolerate all of them.

The test I took this week was just like all the others and I passed the test with flying colors.  However, I have noticed with increasing concern that most of my fitness goals go straight to this test.  Run faster!  Do more sit ups!  Get a smaller waist! It is no longer about really being fit for me, it became about being fit enough to pass this test and keep my butt out of trouble.  For a military that wants a culture of fitness, they sure know how to cause the opposite effect.  So many people end up cramming and train for the last month before the test so that they will pass and then they go back to their regularly scheduled programming of eating like crap and working out when they feel motivated to (which might be once a month, at a mandatory military pt day).  It isn’t really a fitness program so much as a fitness illusion.

Looking forward though, these tests are really only going to be a sidetrack to my regular fitness routine from here on out.  In all reality, I would most likely not choose to run myself into the ground the way I have to to prepare for this test, but at this point that is the only cardio I will be conceding and it will only be a couple of days a week.  Ultimately, what I am doing will probably make the test easier- but I’m not doing it for the test, I’m doing it for me.

Getting More Protein

This is my second lesson that I’ve really been focusing on: getting more protein in my diet.  I am not a vegetarian, but I have found that it is exceptionally hard for me to actually get the prescribed amount of protein that I should during a day.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been focusing on eating a protein rich (not protein only) diet, which has included some of my favorite foods- as well as some foods that I just force myself to eat.

My saviors in all of this really have been Greek yogurt, hummus and almonds.  Although hummus doesn’t have the highest grams of protein out there it is a nice snack time boost that I had generally been ignoring with other things like granola bars or worse.  Probably to the surprise of no one that knows a bit about nutrition- my energy level has slowly started to work its way back into what I would call a ‘normal’ range.

About three years ago now, I struggled with some thyroid issues, that have pretty much left me drained off and on for the last several years.  I also was diagnosed with some Vitamin D issues at around the same time.  Although I supplement with calcium and some other things to help with my Vitamin D production, I was still not getting the most energy that I really needed on a day to day basis.  Then, I went home for Christmas and had a conversation with a step-cousin who explained that she was having severe drowsiness issues due to not enough protein.   Since then I’ve been trying to get a bit more protein and it is actually working.  I’m not going to scream ‘miracle’ just yet, but so long as it is working and not causing me issues- I’m sticking to this plan.

So this week’s summary:

Day 1:

WeightLoss 001 WeightLoss 002 WeightLoss 003


Day 5:

WeightLoss 001 WeightLoss 002 WeightLoss 003

Measurements Day 1: Waist-33 , Chest-38.5 , Hips-43, Thighs-22.5, Biceps-12.5, Weight-178

Measurements Day 5:Waist- 32.75, Chest 39, Hips- 42.5, Thighs- 22.5, Biceps- 12.5, Weight- 175

Weight Loss Week two:3 lbs

Total Weight Lost: 4 lbs

Pounds to go: 36 lbs

Note: From here on out, all measurement days will be on Sunday unless something crazy happens.  It is much easier for me to get things done and not have to worry about rushing to work right after hurriedly taking measurements. Plus- you’ll get posts the same day.

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