Week 1: Kick My Booty Binder, Summary and More

ChristmasandWeightLoss 019

The Kick My Booty Binder

Crafting to Lose Weight

I love doing crafts and while my home may not necessarily show this love, when it comes to things like weight loss, I need colorful and inspirational things to help me along.  Hence the ‘Kick My Booty Binder’ was born.  In this binder, I have several pages worth of circuit workouts and will be adding cardio and stretching workouts as well in the near future.  For me, strength is the one thing that I tend to avoid- I pretty much hate it.  Part of that is thanks to the military and their idea that doing muscle failure exercises is smart.  The other part of it is that I have never really made a concerted effort to just do one small strength workout a day- JUST ONE.

For the last week I have been doing just one strength workout in the morning and while I am not seeing any huge differences in a week, I am feeling the difference.  I have energy after I am done with my quick, down and dirty, strength workout.  I know that half of my workout regime for the day is done and that all I need to do is get in some cardio.  I am also more motivated to do little exercises on commercial breaks or during television shows.  This is the Supernatural Workout I have made for myself to help when I feel like watching a marathon of this show:

WeightLoss 008

I don’t watch Supernatural everyday, but the times that I have in the last week- I have pulled out this bad boy and done what I wrote down.  It makes me actually pay attention to the show and it gives me a chance to work on some of the target areas that I really need to work on.

So- do you want to make your own ‘Kick My Booty Binder’ (or whatever cute name you want to come up with)?  Here is what you need:

1           1/2 inch Binder (or a bigger size if you wish)

1           pack of page protectors

1           pack of cute/colored paper (you will probably have to cut this to size)


Workout Ideas (which you can find on pinterest or tumblr easily)

It is fairly simple to construct, cut the pages down to size, divide it in half and write in the workout outs.  You now have an quick, portable, reference for workouts that doesn’t cost a lot and will only take a little bit of time.

Summary Week 1

Day 1:

ChristmasandWeightLoss 018 ChristmasandWeightLoss 017 ChristmasandWeightLoss 016

Day 7:

WeightLoss 010 WeightLoss 011 WeightLoss 012

This week has contained some ups and downs.  While I have been able to lose a pound it did not come easily and I have watched the scale fluctuate throughout the week for seemingly no reason (until the reason magically appeared this weekend…there are just days when being a girl sucks).  However, this week I was able to actually think rationally and not go for the french fries and stuck with my humus and celery sticks instead.

One thing is obvious already though, I need to figure out how to get a few more calories into my breakfast at work.  Why am I talking about more calories?  Because by the time I get to lunch I am HUNGRY, so I have started bringing in a mid-morning snack and a couple of other things to help me out.  Hopefully in the next few weeks this will even out some and I won’t have the rumbling tummy syndrome come 10 o’clock.

For the most part- it was a week where I was able to learn and remember a lot about myself.  I just have to continue to remember all of this over the next few weeks, especially whenever I hit my first real plateau.

So for the really important stuff now:


Measurements Day 1: Waist- 33, Chest- 39, Hips- 43, Thighs- 22, Biceps- 13.5, Weight- 179

Measurements Day 7: Waist-33 , Chest-38.5 , Hips-43, Thighs-22.5, Biceps-12.5, Weight-178

Total Weight Lost: 1 pound
Weight Left to Lose: 39 pounds

See you all next week.


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