Inquisitiveness Is a Turn On

Blog 012

Have you ever met a person that seems to perpetually have a question mark over their head?  Someone who always has a good question?  I fall into this category of people, the category where I always have some sort of question to ask and I usually can stop myself  from asking questions that are completely off topic.

Several weeks ago, I met someone who was more than equally inquisitive.  And I found this to be a turn on.  I’m not one of those people that is enamored by any man that walks around in front of me and looks nice.  I am absolutely human and I do look, but it takes more than a nice looking person for me to have interest.  This inquisitive man, was the exact type of person that I needed to meet in this stage of my relationship journey.

Besides the fact that he talked to me like I was a normal person, he asked questions- but not just of me, of everyone.  There was something more, he had an intellect that made me pay attention.  To be quite frank, I am tired of being around men who only care for sports or dungeons and dragons.  Those things, in the right amounts, are fine.  When they rule a man’s life- it just makes this girl want to run away and hide.  Finally seeing someone that had a balance of brains and the other things that I do find attractive made me realize something- it isn’t too much to ask to find someone who is smart and also handsome.

This revelation gave me a new found hope when it came to dating and it also drove home a point that I had found really hard to believe.  This shy girl that I am can be perfectly acceptable to someone that I find attractive.  I’m not going to say that this meeting ended in anything more than smiles and some playful banter- but it did end with something that is all the more important- hope.  And the absolute understanding that inquisitiveness is my biggest turn on.

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