The Life I’m Living

For a long time, I felt like a spectator in my own life.  Simply going through the motions of waking up and going through another day.  Plodding through the same things and dealing with the little hiccups of life as the came. However, that isn’t really living.  As much as I’d love to say it’s been easy to get back into an active stage of being, it hasn’t been all that easy.

It started out slowly, with me meeting new people and doing new things.  Finding new friends and actually doing stuff with them, as opposed to settling back and saying that I had something to do or that I was tired.  I can’t say that I never say those words, because sometimes they still ring true, but it is a lot less often now.

I realized over the last several weeks, with my complete and utter lapse in posting that the real reason came down the fact that I am much happier with my life than I have been in ages.  I’m happy at the stage that I am in and although there are many things that still need improvement, I have learned to look at them and say that they are something that will be changed.  It might not be today- or even this year, but it is all stuff that I can live with right now.

I still have plenty of aggravations, namely the fact that I am stuck at my current weight despite working my booty off to try to lose some.  Such is life- I’m not going to stress about it anymore than necessary, because that will not help me any.  All it will do is make it worse and who really needs that extra stress?  Considering my health issues, I’m going to have to walk into the doctor and put my foot down about what needs to happen.  Is this something I want to do?  Not really, but I don’t want to have anything in my way of having a fulfilling and enjoyable life.  I have wasted far too many months on mimicking real life.

I’m sure that I am not the first nor will I be the last the talks about truly living life, but it is refreshing.  It’s nice and it is something that I went far too long with out.

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