I’ll Be The One That Got Away

Many women say this, even men say this when they have been dealt a rough hand with the person that they are interested in.  What truly makes this statement more than just a quick moment of heated words is what you do after you feel like you have been shunned.  Remember- the other person might not even understand or know how you feel, the important thing about becoming the one who got away, is what you do in the aftermath.

You are going to feel pain.  I’ve felt enough in the last several years and months to know that this is just a necessary part of the entire structure of learning how to date and how to love.  You will go through some ups and downs, but it is how you react to those downs that makes you into a better person.  It makes you into a stronger person, a person that knows more of what they want and more of what they cannot stand.

So, how do you do this?  Without yelling the words and throwing them around like a two year old that is having a tantrum? It needs to be a silent mantra, something that keeps you going even when you back is against the wall and all you want to do is say to hell with dating and go live in your little world.  The way you do this, is by living your life every day.  Living your life and holding yourself to your values.  The values that you will be stronger than whatever condition you are in and most importantly, you will be happy. You need to be happy with the life that you have.

This is how you become the one that got away- by living your life fully and by smiling at the people that hurt you.  Some of them probably don’t even know how much you were hurt by them.  Others know and would absolutely relish in your pain, because that is just the kind of sadistic person that they are.  If you aren’t able to smile through it- they have won and that is something that I don’t think any of us want.  So don’t let that person in your life that has made you feel bad about yourself get that gratification.  Smile and live your life- become the one that got away.

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