The Single Girl Survival Guide: Living Single

If you are anything like me- you enjoy your days alone and your personal space, but there are times when living single gets you down.  I’m going to talk about some of the drawbacks to being single and living alone.  I’m also going to talk about some of the perks- that will hopefully help you through your not so great days.

There are drawbacks to living alone and being single while you are doing so.  I know that there are just days when I wish that I had someone who was there to share the day to day things with me.  I’m talking really simple things, like grocery shopping, taking out the trash or even laundry.  Just the idea of having someone else there who is an integral part of my life is a nice idea.  It is also something that gets especially highlighted when all you have to come home to is a cat or dog.

Another drawback, for me at least, is the experience of sleeping alone in a queen sized bed.  On the nights when this is particularly painful, I usually wind up on the couch so that I do not feel the empty space that is beside me.  I’ve never had anyone to really fill that extra area in my bed, but it is yet another that reminds me that I am single and that the other half of my bed should be used for more than pillow storage.

While I am sure I could go into many more drawbacks, some that are probably much more dramatic- I don’t really want to.  Focusing on the bad things about being single is what makes it so painful and it also doesn’t really help you come to terms with being single.  Everyone who is single knows that they will eventually get into a relationship and the real challenge is just to be able to know how to be okay with yourself.  It is a cliche, but it is so true- you have to be fine with the person that you are before other people will really start accepting you.

So, onto some of the perks of living by yourself and we’ll start with my personal favorite.  You are allowed to be in control of the music.  I love music and I also like acting like a bit of a fool as my iPod scrolls through various songs which make me either dance like a little kid or turn into a seductress (or what I THINK is a seductress) depending on my mood.  Either way- I would not be so willing to make a complete fool of myself if there was someone there watching me.

Another perk is being able to eat whatever you want- whenever you want.  There is no one there to judge you about the fact that you are eating fish fingers for breakfast or that you decide that popcorn is a perfectly acceptable supper time meal.  It is a bit of freedom that you might not have when you out and around other people.  Although people do not mean to, we all judge others that are around us and there are just some times when we do not want that.

Alright, this is a rather short one, but the important thing is that when you are single and living a single lifestyle- you need to enjoy it.  Enjoy the time to work on yourself and figure things out about yourself.  The more you know about your likes and dislikes the easier it is when people start showing interest in you.  You might be like me and find it odd when people show interest or you might not be that way- either way take the time that you have and work on the things that you can.  You aren’t going to be able to improve the Mr. Right that you have not met yet and focusing your energy on turning Mr. Wrong into something that is suitable will not help you any.  Work on you and enjoy living single.

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