One of ‘Those’ Weeks

Some might call it the week from hades, others would call it a bit of a trying week, I call it one of those weeks.  You know the kind- where you have three days that feel like Monday and another couple days that feel like Thursday and not a single day feels like Friday.  I have been battling a bit of the mullie grubs and fighting the temptation to pitch a kiddie fit for the better part of the week.  I also have been fighting having another fit where I scream at the top of my lungs that boys are stupid.  Sounds like something a fifteen year old might say and at the moment- it is exactly how I feel.

So after having ‘one of those weeks’ I texted one of my really good friends.  Out of my friends, I only have a couple that know all about what has been going on lately- these are the girls that I would trust with just about anything.  These are also the girls that I go to for advice on…well just about anything.  My fair weather friends don’t know the details of my boy issues and those that I think might only be branches and not roots don’t have any specifics.  My roots know it all. She got on board with my boys are stupid fit- but she didn’t let me wallow in it.  She made me feel better about the situation.

Everybody needs these kinds of friends- the kinds that can pick you up off your backside, set you back on your feet and then proceed to let you rant and rave about your problems.  I am lucky enough to have a couple people that I can call on when I need a good and proper butt kicking.  They are sympathetic to my problems, but they do not allow it to fester.  I am good at letting things fester and at wallowing in issues and at over analyzing things that mean absolutely nothing.  It is part of the reason why writing out my issues helps me.  I am able to analyze and kinda toss it to the side afterwards.

Now, it is time to get back to why this week was not so hot.  I have talked, off and on, about the men that are currently in my life.  The ones that I don’t like, the one that I am kinda interested in and those that fall into various other categories that are not nearly as important as the first two.  I had another ‘experience’ with Mr. Guy That I Have Absolutely No Interest In- I don’t believe that I have gotten my ‘I am not interested’ point of view across.  I’ll have another blog on how I am going to handle that later.  Because although it was disturbing- I am an adult and I can deal with it as an adult (although I will have to change my methodology of generally killing people with kindness).  That all happened at the beginning of my week.

The rest of the week has to deal with Mr. Guy That I AM Interested In and a bit of a disappearing act.  Actually- I can’t really call it a disappearing act, he changed offices and I have only seen him in passing.  Part of this thoroughly pisses me off, especially since I thought I was getting a friend out of the last several weeks, but another part of me is just resigned.  I am resigned that if this is how things are meant to be- I will deal.  I will be happy.  I will not be a royal b*%ch, because there is really no reason for all of that.  Especially since he never knew (or at least I didn’t tell him) about my interest.  I have too many times of putting myself out there, just to get my heart tap danced on.  I guess there is just a part of me that says, that I will act the same way that he does, of course, if he is waiting for some sort of sign from me- I am one of the worst people to be waiting on a sign from.  I have been through my full flurry of issues of being a late bloomer- this is another one that I am still working on.

Amongst all of these fun activities, my health has decided that it was not happy the way that it was- so I get to deal with the stress from that as well.  I have not always enjoyed good health, so with this stress it pretty much makes everything else a bit worse.  That’s okay though- the health can and will be fixed, but it certainly does not help everything else. Especially with the fact that I am starting to need around 12 hours of sleep to be able to survive the day (which is definitely NOT normal).

And the last thing- is that things are work just seem weird.  Maybe it is the time of year, maybe it is the fact that I haven’t been at work in several weeks or maybe it is something else entirely.  At the end of the day- my emotional conduit radar is being pinged like nobody’s business and I don’t know why.  Most of the time I can pinpoint why my emotional sponge is being awakened, but I am unable to do so at the moment.  If I figure it out- I will absolutely let all of you know, until then though, my emotional sponge is definitely going to be in overdrive.

So- now that I’ve given a not so nice and definitely not neat synopsis of my week from hades- I’m opening up the discussion to anyone who reads this.  What do you do when you have ‘one of those weeks’ (or days)?  Do you have any advice for me (I could definitely use it, in dealing with 4 and 5)?  Any way- the floor is yours, if you would like to take it.


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