Do Not Get Between a Girl and Her Chocolate

By the title you should already know that I have had one of those days- you know, the kind where you get chocolate on your skirt, you accidentally don’t save updates on an important project and one of your good friends gets moved to a different office, type of day.  I would say that this is just a case of it being Monday, but I’m not quite sure that that is the issue here.  Things have seemed a bit frantic since Friday and the weekend break did not help any- if anything it seemed to escalate things at work.

There was a moment today though- when I had to give into temptation and get some chocolate.  For the most part, I am able to control my chocolate cravings rather well.  For the most part, I can leave the chocolate and sweets alone and keep to foods that are generally good for me.  On days like today though- there was absolutely no way.

Right now, I am fully supporting the stereotype of a woman who has just had enough and the only way that they can cope is chocolate.  I am fully supporting the fact that there is a seven day (or so) time slot when if you get between me and my chocolate- I might hurt you.  I am also saying that I am a complete hormonal mess right now and that is alright.

Half of the battle of the chocolate is releasing that you are just a bit off.  That things aren’t working out for you that day- whether it is because you can’t get your hair to stay in place or because you and your boss are not getting along.  Today I felt as if I was on the verge of a good, old fashioned kiddie tantrum.  Chocolate saved me from this.  Chocolate also saved me from having a mini meltdown and crying session as well.  So- I think it is worth reiterating this- do not get between a girl and her chocolate.


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