Creative People Are Messy (And That’s Okay)

Organized chaos.  That pretty much describes how I live and it does not bother me one bit.  It drives my mother up the wall (she likes the idea of everything living in its own area).  It makes my little sister wonders how in the world I find anything.  My coworkers have a great difficulty understanding the logic that is behind my endless lists, notes, stickies and scribbles.  And it all makes wonderful sense in my head.

I read a little button that is meant to be stuck on either a backpack or some other sort of bag that said ‘Creative minds are messy’ or something very similar and in my mind I went ‘Yep- makes perfect sense.’  I’m sure that there is probably no real scientific research to support this, but that does not matter to me at all.  All that matters is that I get it.  It was a bit of an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me- which I tend to have every once in awhile.

I have what I like to call spot specific ADHD.  If you talk on the phone or with me in person for long enough- I will likely jump around topics and might eventually work my way back to the original topic at hand.  I know it drives some people insane, but when other people do it, I follow along with no problem.  I can hop, skip and jump around with the best of them.  It takes a lot to catch me off guard and even more to get me to the point where I am wondering how we got to a certain topic.  Anyone that is around me long enough can attest that I will find some logical reason to move from talking about shoes to talking about a friend of mine to talking about weddings and then back to talking about shoes.

This kind of creativity can have its faults.  I sometimes don’t think about how my uniform is supposed to look when I throw it on the morning and I’ll wind up with a miss-buttoned, collar sticking up uniform for the first hour of the day.  I just don’t really care some mornings and my good friend know this.  They’d always tuck my collar or tell me when I put something on upside down.  Could I have caught it myself?  Probably.  Did I care?  Nope.

I spend a great deal of time moving between having to be logical and being about to be creative.  Sometimes I am even logically creative- and if you have ever tried to explain this to someone you know how hard it is.  I also go with my gut, which does not work when people what proof that you really understand your job.  ‘My gut says this is right’- actually has become a legitimate answer with my co-workers and they’ve learned to trust it.  Just like I have learned that sometimes you have to explain things in a normal way, which I’m not good at.  How do you really explain that your illogical, yet logical quantum leaps are how you go to some particular conclusion?  You don’t really.  I just hope that people can follow me while I ramble.

So for all of you creatively messy people out there- know that it is okay.  Your endless lists that only ever get half done and your pile of markers that you use to color code just about everything- is just fine.  We all have to work differently and if my being messy bothers someone- oh well.  Some people can only work in a sterile environment and I can only work when I have twenty different stacks of paper and various sticky notes strewn about my desk.  I’m sure people wonder how I get work done and secretly- I wonder the same thing about them.

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