The Single Girl Survival Guide: Being the Fifth Wheel

If you are single, you most likely have several friends that are either married, engaged or dating.  Eventually you will probably be asked to hang out with your non-single friends and their guy.  This can be something that is easily dealt with or it can be a royal pain in the tush- it depends on you and it also depends on your friends.  They want you there for a reason- they have probably just forgotten how awkward it can be to be the single person who is hanging out with couples.  While getting plastered is an option to deal with this situation- it is not something that I would ever recommend.  Below are my recommendations on how to deal with this situation.

Go into it with a good attitude.

If you go into a night where you know that you are going to be hanging out with couples with an absolutely horrible attitude- you will have a bad time.  It is much easier to go into the night saying that you are going to make the most of it and enjoy hanging out with your friends.  They do not care that you are single and they most likely have not even thought about what the situation will feel like to you.  If you are having major issues with a particular situation- take a break, go to the bathroom, go get some fresh air.  Enjoy your friends- don’t worry about being single.

Talk to them about it.

If many of your friends are in the ‘I have been in a relationship so long that I have forgotten what it is like to be single’ category, you may have to remind them what it is like.  There are some women that never really got to the stage where most of their friends were married and that they were single.  Most women though, experience this at some point or another and they will understand how uncomfortable this makes you feel.  They will also probably be willing to work with you or at least give you heads up about a situation where you are going to be the only single person there.  These people are your friends- they should have your back and be understanding about how you feel.

Just say no.

Sometimes, you just have to avoid the situation all together.  While some people would say that this is the coward’s way out- I say that you have to try to keep your sanity.  There are just times when you cannot deal with being the fifth wheel and that is okay.  It is better to take some time away than to become the friend that always seems to be bitter about what her friends have in life.  Deep down, you are happy for them- but there are times when it is hard to see them in all of their couple-y glory.  So- if you have to avoid a couple of dinners to keep your sanity- do it. If your friends think any less of you for it- maybe they aren’t really your friends.

I’m sure there are many other ways to survive this situation, but these are what I think of as the basics.  The things that you can employ in the easiest manner and things that actually make sense.  If you have any more helpful tidbits- feel free to share.


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