The Most Awaited Sporting Event of the Year: Daytona 500

I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a redneck.  I love NASCAR and although I do not watch as many races as I used to- the Daytona 500 is still a staple.  After the Superbowl ends- I start asking my dad when the Daytona 500 is going to be.  I didn’t say that I was the best NASCAR fan in the world- I rarely know where they are racing and I kinda sorta keep up with the rankings.  In all honesty- if one of my favorite drivers is not in the top ten or so- it is hard to pay attention.

NASCAR is notorious for a lot of things- fights after races, wrecking each other because you were ticked off, and people being politically incorrect.  I’m fine with all of those things.  What I am not fine with is the fact that the stupid broadcasting networks only show a select number of cars (the popular drivers), no matter what position they are in in the race.  I personally, don’t care about the 30th place car, I usually care about what is going on upfront.  If the 30th place car manages to wreck the entire field, then yes, I do care a bit.

But the absolute best part of NASCAR is the fact that it makes for the perfect nap time background noise.  For any of you that think I am joking- you should try taking a nap during Sunday’s race.  If you really are interested in the race- this kinda defeats the purpose of watching, but for those of you who aren’t really interested or are just used to a Sunday afternoon nap, give it a try.  I am one of those fans that can willingly admit that I watch the first twenty to thirty laps, take a nap, and wake up in time to watch the last 50 or so laps.  So long as the announcers don’t go crazy- you will have wonderful background noise.

I’m sure that previous paragraph will irk some NASCAR fans, I’m sure that there are some NASCAR fans that are laughing because that is what they do as well.  So this Sunday- no matter what kind of fan you are- turn on the race and enjoy.  And for those of you that have never watched a NASCAR race- it’s okay- we don’t hold it against you.


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