Poltically Incorrect: Kids Having Kids

As with all great articles- this started with a facebook update that I read today.  One of my friends was congratulating her little sister on having a baby- it took me a few moments to figure out which little sister it was and another few moments to get over the shock.  My simple question is when did it become ‘cool’ to have a baby before you were out of high school?  I’m not that many years out of high school myself, but it seems that there has been explosion of kids having babies in my hometown.  I’m fairly sure it’s not just my hometown or maybe I didn’t notice it so much when I was in high school- but this just got me to thinking.  As it says in the title- this is going to be a bit politically incorrect- so you have been warned- don’t look any further if you are afraid that your toes might be stepped on.

Firstly- I will say that there are many teenage parents that do an absolutely wonderful job of raising their children.  They get their priorities in line and take care of their children first.  I commend all of you for this- even at my age, I’m not really sure if I’m ready for children and for people that are younger, I’m sure that they aren’t ready.  For those that take it seriously- thank you for doing your best to raise your children.

Now, I’m jumping on top of my soapbox for a bit.  This is for the mothers and fathers that are not ready to have children- because they are still kids themselves.  If you are going to have a baby it is not your parents job to raise them so that you can still have a life.  Your ability to have a normal teenage life ended when you got pregnant- and for any boys who might stumble upon and read this- your life ended too.  I’ve seen plenty of girls have to tough it out alone- be a man and at the very least support your child.  Nothing ticks me off more than a parent that will not look after their child.

Kids need to be kids.  They don’t need the added pressure of raising a child as well.  I’m not going to condemn every person that has a child out of wedlock.  I’m not going to say that they cannot turn out to be great parents- but you have got to realize that  things will change and your child is not just a cute little doll that you can dress up.  There are too many children that are not being reared at all and it is truly a sad state of affairs.

So- if you aren’t ready for kids- get on birth control or squeeze an aspirin between your knees.  If you already have children- the best thing you can do is raise them up well.  It does not matter what age you are- some parents are just not going to do as good of a job as others at raising their children.  If you are younger, you will have your work cut out for you, but it can be done.  It is what your children deserve.


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