Go Hard or Go Home

There is nothing in life that is worth doing only half way- while having a bit of an all or nothing attitude can sometimes be a major pain- there is also something to learn from it. Many things in life require commitment, the kind of commitment that cannot be taken lightly.

If you listen to any genre of music for long enough, you will eventually hear a song that talks about putting your all into whatever you do. Have you ever wondered why this is such a common thread in music?  Why it is such a common thread in humanity?

I am one of ‘those’ people- the kind that can either do something all the way or does not attempt it at all.  When I put my mind to something- I will achieve it, but sometimes this determined stance can backfire.  I have never put my mind to finding a boyfriend, going out on a date or getting married.  As I creep forward in life though, I feel the self imposed pressures starting to close in around me.  I still have several years before I will get into full freak out mode- but I have decided that I should try to do something about it.

I have talked about my online dating blunders and I have also talked about how I feel about the prospect.  At this point- I’m trying, but not really succeeding.  That is pretty much the entire story of my dating life- a lot of trying and very little success.  When I look at the type of person that I am- I can see where some people might have issues, but there is also the firm belief that changing myself will not really help me.  Who wants to have to change the person that they are in order to be accepted?  We all change slight things about ourselves at times or we work on the things that we see as issues, but doing a complete 180 is dangerous.

So- I’m trying to dive into this and deal with this the way that I normally deal with anything, although that doesn’t really seem to be working, but we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll find something better as time goes on or maybe I’ll continue plodding on and find something that will help.  I guess that only time will tell.

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