Hey! Prince Charming! Wait Up!

Do you ever just feel like you have met someone that might be great for you and they are quickly hurrying in the other direction?  Or that you just keep missing people as you pass them by to go on about your life?  Or that if they’d just slow down for two seconds that they’d really notice you?  We all have to live life at our own speed, but sometimes you just want to chase someone down and demand that they pay attention.

This is something that can probably be seen as borderline, okay really, desperate in the eyes of the guy that you are looking at as a potential mate or even as just a date.  I know that I want to do this sometimes, especially when it seems obvious to me that the person is actually interested.  Or even better they have said they are interested, but are still milling around trying to figure out what to do.  If you want to see me pull out my hair and scream at someone- this is probably a surefire way to achieve that end goal. What would really be so wrong with just throwing yourself at a person and seeing what happens?

Let’s see- the fact that you threw yourself at someone in the first place is a bit of a problem.  There is a part of me that firmly believes that throwing myself at someone is only going to end badly.  I know some people that say that this has actually worked for them, but I don’t know how much I actually believe that.  If you feel so desperate to have a boyfriend that you are tossing yourself willy nilly upon any boy that comes into your presence- you may actually be scaring off the guys that you haven’t even noticed yet.

Also- if there is any rejection, it will be hard and fast and most likely, very public.  Whether or not you actually care about any of these things is up to you, but we all know how much rejection hurts, we know that it is something that none of us want.  Toss yourself at someone too soon and rejection will become your best friend.

Now- if you have known the person for quite some time (which I am going to define as several months), then it might be worth making some sort of casual suggestion to the person.  At this point- you have probably waited long enough.  If you think that waiting long enough is one night- maybe you should take another look at your definition of waiting.  I know that none of us want to pass someone by in life that we think would be worth a good relationship, but rushing them is just as detrimental.

Case and point- I’m going to use my little sister, who will be referred to as ‘Jay’, as an example.  Jay has been set up by our hairdresser with a guy from our hometown.  It has taken the guy months to ask her out on something that is a semblance of a date- but a couple of weeks ago this happened.  Now, if she had rushed things or pushed things- she would have scared this guy away.  I know this for a fact and while it is a bit annoying to wait- it is usually worth it.  Sometimes, chasing after prince charming is only going to make him run away faster.

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