Girl’s Night Out

I am a fan of the girl’s night out- especially when I have had a long week and all I really want to do is crash with a bottle of Smirnoff and watch sappy movies.  This past week, has been a week, the kinds of which I have somehow managed to avoid over the last several years.  I took a class that was way over my head and by the time I got off of work Friday, I was ready to throw myself a small pity party.

As luck would have it, this did not happen (although the alternative was much better, actually).  I went to pick up some Tupperware I had ordered (read my post about the wrong generation- it’ll all make sense) and was invited for a spontaneous girl’s night out. If you had asked me to do this last year, I would have probably told the person that I had something important to do.  By important- I mean Chinese takeout, crocheting and doing laundry- the really important things of life. These are all things that could wait a few days, but I often times put people off so that I could live further within my shell.

Last night I finally was able to talk with other women about some of the issues that I have been having with boys.  I’ve talked with some of my friends about this stuff, but it was not in a group and it was also not with people that would necessarily tell me the truth.  This group of friends are what I will call my older friends, which is absolutely wonderful.  They know so much more than I know and they also have a perspective that is a great deal different from someone who is in their twenties.  They also are not as old as my mom, who sometimes forget what it is like to be in your twenties, single, and trying to find someone to settle down with.

It was good to enjoy grown up conversation- the kind where you move from one topic to another, laugh at the hilarious stories that other people are telling and ask the questions that you would not normally ask.  A lot of people my age would just be looking to get drunk and hook up at some random bar, I know that some people don’t enjoy it- but a lot of people do.  This is the kind of girl’s night out I prefer.  The kind where it is more about friendship than it is about anything else.  It is about a good meal and some good chocolate.  It is about actually being friends and not just about a few hours to drink away how bad your week was.  It is about being a girl and finding the camaraderie that only women can have.


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