The Waiting Game

As I said in my previous post- I am currently playing what I like to call the ‘waiting game’ and I do not like it one bit.  I know that this is just part of liking someone- I even know that it is a part that I have often times had major issues with in the past.  I am also starting to get back into my over-analyzing habits again.  I know…I know- I’m really trying not to, but there is nothing I can really do about it.

Do I felt like I am purposefully being led on?  No- my gut says that that is not the case.  Does that make it any less frustrating?  Absolutely not.  It all comes back to the pace that each individual person is comfortable with.  I also know that this could lead to absolutely no where but another friendship to log in my long list of friendships with boys.

What I wish is that guys would understand how difficult it is to maintain that you are interested (even when you really are) all the time.  My brain and my emotions can only take so much before I need to have a little introspective break from reality.  I’m a natural introvert and letting down my walls around people absolutely zaps my energy like nothing else does.  But what other option do I have? Not voicing any of the things that I have to say and any of the things that I feel has gotten me absolutely no where.

I’m fairly sure that I am not the only person that feels the monotony of the waiting game.  I’ve read practically every online article about relationships and dating and signs that people are interested (again- I over analyze, so sue me).  But I have learned a good bit of practical information from these articles- one of those things being that everything takes time.  That pushing things is absolutely going to achieve only one thing- frustration and possibly humiliation.  So, as women we play the waiting game.  I’ve said it before…I’m old fashioned and I guess that means my old fashioned self just needs to settle in and wait and do so without complaining.

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