It Is Just Another Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Now that that obligatory statement is out of the way- I’m going to go into a completely different, although somewhat related topic.  Today was just one of those days that I did not want to look at my emails or my text messages.  Almost all of them had to do with Valentine’s Day and I had to force myself just to delete them, as opposed to screaming at my computer and acting like a child.

Yep- today got to me.  It got to me that I am single, but there is not much that I can really do to change that, that I am not already doing.  I tried not to let it get to me, but it did anyway.  I was lucky though- at least this year I did not have to see multiple people walking around with flowers, chocolates and cards.  I think that might have actually pushed me over the edge.  Why?  Because I am currently playing what I am going to entitle the ‘waiting game’.

In all seriousness, this isn’t really a game- more of a test of endurance, patience, thoughtfulness and staying sane.  I am at the point in a friendship, where I don’t know if it is just going to stay a friendship or if it might change.  And right now- it is about to drive me up the wall.  I am one of those people that does not like to wait around for anything- I like to get a decision quickly. At this point, I don’t believe that there is going to be any kind of decision in the near future.

It is at times like this that I have to remember just about everything that my mom, teachers and other female influences have told me over the year.  My mom has always stated that everything that is supposed to happen will happen in God’s time- not our own.  I’ve avoided a lot of religious sayings in this blog, but this is something that I have truly come to believe.  Everything will happen at the time that God wants it to- and not a moment sooner.  Does this help my impatience?  Nope.  It is just a good reminder that you have to wait for the things that you want in life, especially the things that are not solely in your control.

So I hope that everyone out there had a good Valentine’s Day and for those of you that are single, like me, I hope that you have found some sort of solace in your situation.  If not- there is always chocolate.


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