Uh Oh (A Moment of Sudden Online Dating Realization)

Before I have my mini freak out (which I shall be having in about ten minutes- so I better hurry up and write this post quickly) I want to talk about yet another online dating ‘issue’ I’ve had.  This isn’t so much of an issue, just something that I was really hoping would not happen.  You know- that moment when you realize that someone on the online dating site is someone that you know in real life.  Someone that you haven’t really decided about your interest in real life- so online stuff isn’t really going to help.

I should probably explain that I am one of those people that just has a knack of meeting people that know someone that I know.  5000 miles from home- I met a man that had grown up in my hometown and knew the majority of the same people that I did.  5000 miles from home- I met someone who knew and was very good friends with my relatives.  I should have known that, eventually, I would see someone on an online dating site that I already knew.

For me- the point of online dating is to meet people that I don’t already know.  Mind you, I am keeping my mind open to those people that I have met in my real life (the non-online one) that I see potential in.  I am not necessarily ashamed of online dating, but I will say that I am not really advertising it with my friends.  At this point- it is a six month experiment to see how things go and if anything comes of it.  I can honestly say that so far nothing has happened with online dating.  I’m actually finding more potential, possible relationships by *gasp* meeting people in real life.

I’m not saying that I do not see potential in finding someone online, otherwise I would not be attempting the online dating thing, but it there are a lot of odd coincidences that have happened so far with online dating.  By odd coincidences, I mean, meeting someone that I am actually interested in.  I went for a very long time without being interested or having someone interested in me, so I just find this a bit ironic.  That I try online dating and my real life relationship possibilities start to take an upward turn.  Notice that I am saying ‘relationship possibilities’- I refuse to say anything otherwise until things changes, if they change.  It seems that right now I am living in the middle of a lot of ‘if then’ like equations.

So, I’ve had my ‘uh oh’ moment with online dating.  I figured it would have to happen eventually.  I had kinda hoped to be able to avoid it, but it’s happened.  Now I just have to figure out what in the world I am going to do if this topic gets brought up.  Because running and hiding is a bit immature- although that doesn’t mean that I won’t resort to it if I absolutely have to.


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