Being the ‘Little Sister’

Next to being the ‘friend’ coming across as the ‘little sister’ is probably one of the worst feelings that anyone can have in what they hope will be a potential relationship.  I have never, myself, been told that I reminded someone of their little sister (thank goodness)- but there are times when I have gotten that feeling.  It is one thing for someone to be protective, it is another when you become his little sister.

As the big sister in my family (I’m the oldest, but other than that I am shorter than pretty much all of my relatives, including my baby sister)- I do not like being treated like the little sister.  As a woman, I appreciate when guys try to be protective, but there is a certain point where it starts feeling like I am the little sister.  There are most definitely ways to be protective while not making me feel like I’m two.

People sometimes assume I am younger because of the fact that I’m naive.  It doesn’t really take much to shock me and I generally shy away from certain conversations due to the fact that I don’t have much knowledge of the subject matter.  I can also say that I have been told I look younger than I am (I was once asked this at the dentist’s office- they assumed I was a 7th grader.  In all actuality- I had just graduated high school).  This is a quality that I am sure I will enjoy as I get older- but right now, it kinda sucks.  People that are my age almost always assume I’m younger and thus, I can get treated like the little sister or ignored because I am ‘too young’.

I guess that I am a bit more ambivalent to being the ‘little sister’ as opposed to the ‘friend’.  I don’t feel the raw anger that I feel when I am suddenly shoved into this friend category.  I guess it is just a bit of frustration.  I don’t want to be your little sister or be viewed as your little sister.  I guess I’ll take the protectiveness though- everyone needs that friend that has their back.  Even if I secretly wish that you were more interested…I’ll take what I can get.


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