Sports…How I Love Them

Today is Super Bowl Sunday- and I plan to not watch the entire Super Bowl (I may tune in for bits and pieces, but it just doesn’t feel like real football).  I am a girl that loves sports, after being a cheerleader for twelve years it is hard to say that I am completely uninterested in sports, that would actually be a complete lie. I like sports a lot, I just don’t like how games like this become all about names- not the actual game.

I am one of those people that believes in the purity of the ball game.  There is nothing better than watching a bunch of little kids who are learning to play a sport.  They play the sport because they like the sport (or their parents forced them into it)- but it is just amazing to watch the way that they play.  It is not about winning- it is about the actual game, the fun and the excitement. At that age- they dump the gatorade on the coach win or lose.

There is a lot that can be learned from sports, more than just the feeling of victory.  Sports taught me a lot about not giving up.  It taught me that if I wanted to do something, I was going to have to work.  It was going to take running and lifting weights and stretching and being really sore- but I knew all of that would be worth it in the end.  It would be worth it when I managed to make it through an entire season without getting hurt.  It was worth it when I knew that I could go an entire game and not really be tired at the end.  Playing sports gave me a confidence that I have been trying to regain since I graduated high school.

For many people being on a team allows them to find a place that they belong- a place where they feel at home and accepted.  There are people that I would have never been friends with if I had not played sports, people that I learned many things from and there are some of them that learned things from me. Playing a sport is much more than what it has become on television- where it is trivialized to who is going to win the car at the end of the game.

I wish that professional sports was different.  Many of the people who are professional athletes work hard, I’m not going to say that they don’t, but they aren’t necessarily professional about it.  Some of these men and women do not take it seriously that they are influencing the next generation.  A Super Bowl, National Championship, or the World Series cannot be won by one man or woman alone- but it is pretty hard to believe that when you see some of the athletes today.  Maybe they should start playing with the passion that they had when they were five- I definitely think it would be a better game and they wouldn’t be out there for glory- they’d be out there for the love of the game.



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