6 Things I Value in a Man

So…I decided to do another top ten list.  This is most definitely a personal top six (I couldn’t find a way to stop at 5…sorry)- not something that most people will even agree with or that most people will like, but I thought it would be fun and a nice change from my emotionally loaded, self perspective articles as of late.  Hold on to your horses- I’m fairly sure some of you might just be shocked.

1.) He can cook.

My sister and I have always talked about how important it is to us that our husband be able to cook (it’s a bit more important to her- since she hasn’t yet developed a love for cooking), but it actually is important to me.  So give me a guy that can cook more than top ramen and I am happy.  If they are able to bake- just go ahead and catch me before I faint.  In all seriousness though- if you are a man and you can cook- you get major kudos from this girl.

2.) He can shoot a gun (accurately).

I should probably state right here and now that I am not attracted to thug wannabes that believe that waving a gun around makes them a man.  Nope- I mean guys that like to hunt or recreationally shoot.  I know how to shoot a gun- I’m actually pretty dang accurate so long as I have a scope, but I like to know that I am protected.  If you want to go back and analyze the whole caveman/cavewoman hunter/ provider thing- go ahead.  I’m just not going to go there.

3.) He is not a muscle freak.

I am about to be a bit ambiguous here- but I like guys that are somewhere in the middle.  I don’t want to be around someone that goes to the gym and ‘pumps iron’ for hours and hours on end.  Go to the gym, lift some, run… do whatever- but if you are a bulky guy, be warned- that is not really all that attractive.  Just like stick thin pretzel girls are not really attractive either.  If you don’t know guys- those girls are not healthy and what they do to look that way is something that you will probably find disgusting once you really experience it.  (Steps down off soap box and scoots it under the couch).

4.) He doesn’t take life too seriously.

I know enough about myself to know that I can be serious enough about life.  I need someone who is a bit more light hearted than I am…maybe more than a bit- a lot more light hearted than I am.  I need to be reminded to just not take things so seriously all the time and sometimes I’m not good at reminding myself of that.

5.) He can teach me something.

I have been a student for the majority of my life and I most definitely respect people that are able to teach me something.  Especially if it is something never experienced before- I may not be the most spontaneous person in the world, but I most definitely enjoy trying new things (as long as it is not something akin to sky diving- then I’m opting out).  The worst thing that is going to happen is that I won’t like what he’s teaching me- but at least he is trying.

6.) He cares about his family.

Family is a big one for me.  I know some people that have a rough time with their families, but mine has always been important to me.  Because of that, I want to be around someone who cares about their family, just as much as I do about mine.  Family has gotten me through so many things in the past and it is something that I am certain will be important to me in the future as well.

Yep, that’s my top six.  And they aren’t listed in order of importance.  I know you probably notice that I didn’t mention anything about love.  That should be considered an automatic on any list like this, but I didn’t want to focus on that.  Love doesn’t come at the start of a relationship- so putting that in a qualities list…it’s a bit zaney.  That’s not saying I’m not zaney- I just wanted to avoid that bit of me for the moment.


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